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Entrusted (Episode Six)

Continued from the last part…

The drive back to Dave’s apartment was not that eventful. Julie kept grinning from ear to ear while Dave kept stealing glances at her.

“Why are you smiling?” Dave had asked one of the times he caught her grinning.

“Nothing,” Julie replied grinning. “Uhm, why didn’t you tell me that you were a pop star?” Julie asked facing him.

“You never asked,” Dave replied and smiled. Julie opened her mouth to talk but shut it back almost immediately she opened it.

He’s right though, she thought.

Throughout the rest of the ride,they were both silent, each of them enoying the other’s company. Immediately they got to Dave’s apartment and locked the door, they both started devouring each other right from the door to the sitting room amd unto the couch.

After five minutes of French kissing like their lives depended on it, Dave’s hands fondled Julie’s boobs. Trying desperately to find a zip or button fixed on the gown, he reached for Julie’s back with his left hand.His right hand still fondling Julie’s left boob. Sensing what Dave was trying to do, Julie chuckled in Dave’s mouth. When he heard her chuckle, Dave opened his eyes.

“What’s funny?” he asked huskily.

“Nothing.” Jukie muffled a laughter with her left hand.

“Whatever. Does the dress not have a zip or something?” he asked.

I was expecting that, Julie giggled

“No,it doesn’t,” she replied giggling.

Dave ignored her taunt, stood up, carried her in a bridal style and headed for the stairs. After they Dave got into the room, he gently placed Julie on the king-size bed. Straddling her, he resumed the kiss. He kissed her gently and passionately, sucking and biting on her lower lip. After kissing her to his satisfaction, he trailed kisses down to her neck and back to her lips.

Then he trailed kisses to her left ear and began nibbling on it. This made Julie cling unto him like a month old baby. She hastily pulled off Dave’s top within a twinkle of an eye. She clung further unto Dave and wrapped her legs around his lower back.

Dave moaned into her ear and this made her go wild. She dug her fingers into his bare back and bit into his neck. Dave smiled satisfactorily. He knew her weakest points were her ears and he’s got her turned on. Dave helped her to get rid of her dress and one thing led to another.

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