A Wish (Episode One)


Merworld—Merillia Kingdom

Every thousand years, a special mermaid is born, having superpowers that supersedes other Merpowers. Every mermaid/merman is born with an ability. In Merillia Kingdom, it is a custom that every child born should be taken to Wanwisa (goddess of the Sea), Kenan (the Sea Wizard) and Sirena (the Enchantress) to check the powers of the child. They are the messengers of the Great Merillia Sea. They name each child according to its power and strength. Wanwisa connects with the sea. Kenan tells the power of the child while Serena declares happiness during the Rite.

Oceanus is the king of Merillia Kingdom and a Sea Titan. He has sixteen sons and each was named according to it strength and power.

The First Prince, Morrissey (Choice of the Sea), and next in line to the throne, Delma (Mariner of the Sea), Amberly (Ruler of Jewels), Firth (Arms of the Sea), quadruplet princes—Caspar (Keeper of Treasure), Colbert (Seaman), Morogh (Man of the Sea), Morgan (Fighter of The Sea), ninth prince Meredith (Protector of The Sea), tenth prince Meredydd (Guardian of the Sea),
triplet princes —Murphy (Sea Warrior), Murron (Guardian of the Sea), Murtaph (Protector of the Sea), fourteenth prince, Azizi (Precious Treasure), fifteenth prince Dylan (Son of Sea and Wave), sixteenth prince Fairfax (the Special Prince with the most beautiful hair and longest amongst all mermen in the Kingdom).

Tethys was the wife of Oceanus and mother of sixteen sons. She gave birth to a mermaid on the day of Sea Celebration. And she was named Ephyra.

Ephyra is different from other mermaids. She was born with a golden tail and a very long brunette hair. She possessed special powers. She is loved by all, for her kindness towards others. Ephyra has a beautiful voice, she can sing and she loves music. Oceanus realized that she could sing songs he couldn’t understand and he figured it was part of her ability as a special mermaid. So he ordered Maeve (goddess of songs) to help Ephyra develop her ability.

At six, she could sing powerful spell songs (Song of the Sea), which connects her to the Sea. Ephyra sings with her triplets friends.
Calista (woman of most beauty), Calliope (beautiful voice), and Chantae (it has been prophesized that she would be the next goddess of Song). These triplets are often called (the mysterious triplets). Citizens of Merillia usually gather outside the palace to hear Ephyra sing with her friends every night.

At twelve, she pressured her father to enrol her in the children’s beauty contest. And she won ‘The Mermaid with the Prettiest Tail and finest hair’. Ephyra was the only female Child of Oceanus and Tethys, the special mermaid who can connect with the Sea through powerful Spell Songs no one could translate.
She is the Mermaid destined to save her people in the future.


Human World—Jones’ Mansion

Mrs Isobel Jones is one of the most influential women in USA. She is a widow. Isobel lost her husband in a plane crash when her son was eight years old. And she hasn’t been in good terms with her son since her husband’s death.

Harry Jones is twenty-six years old. He is the next in line to take over ‘Goldmynes’. He is gentle and calm. He blamed his mother for his father’s death. Mr. James Jones had an argument with his wife that morning, she accused him of having an affair with his secretary at work. That argument resulted in James travelling out of the country the next day on an unprepared vacation. Isobel and Harry expected his return until they saw the news about the plane crash. And Mr. James Jones was listed amongst the passenger on board.

Harry was very young at that time, he thought his mom killed his father. She caused his untimely death. And that as resulted in the break of bond between them. He wasn’t interested in taking over the company cause he thinks his mom would boss him around and try to control him like she did to his father. So he kept his distance.
Isobel felt guilty for James’ death and so she tried to make things up to him by taking over the company and takes care of their only child.

Harry loves the view of the sea. He wanted to be alone and be far from his mother. He studied abroad in Italy at the age of twenty-two. When he returned home, Harry moved out of their mansion and bought a house by the beach.

Isobel never liked the idea of Harry residing by the beach but she had no choice other than to accept his decision. She hired maids to work at Harry’s home to be sure he was doing fine. Harry gets mad each time he sees a new maid in his house. And as a result he gives them tough and hard time until they quit. They never lasted four days in Harry’s home before giving up. And that didn’t stop Isobel from hiring workers. She’s still on the lookout for someone who can work for her in Harry’s home and help her convince him that James’ death wasn’t her intention.

Harry sits by the sea whenever he is less busy from work. He is a model. One of the best in USA and he is working on running his own modeling agency. He forgets his pains and grudge whenever he’s by the seaside.

Harry Jones never believed love truly existed. Or maybe he gave up on love the very moment he heard the news about his father’s death.

Merworld—Ephyra’s Room

“Can we do something else please?” Calista said. She was lying down on Ephyra’s bed.
Chantae and Calliope helped Ephyra to comb her hair.

“What else do you have on mind?” Chantae asked.

“Yes kindly tell us what to do Miss Lazy,” Calliope teased.

“Who is Miss Lazy?” Calista frowned at her

“You—” Calliope said.

Calista sat up on the bed and cut off her intended statement.

“Calliope you know—”

“That’s enough,” Ephyra silenced them. “You girls can’t do without fighting,” she said again.

“Ephyra be honest who is always causing trouble?” Calista asked.

“Let’s not talk about that—” Calliope stuck out her tongue at Calista.

“Just tell us what you want us to do,” Ephyra said.

“Are you asking me when the answer is right here?”

The girls exchanged confused looks

“Go straight to the point Calista,” Ephyra said.

“Yes and stop beating around the Sea,” Chantae added.

“Well…I’m simply saying that…you should use your powers to entertain us,” Calista replied.

“Come On Calista!” Chantae coaxed.

“Calista I can’t do that—my father already bound me from using my powers in the palace,” Ephyra said soberly.

“As if she doesn’t know,” Calliope said.

“Maybe you should remind me,” Calista glared at her.

“Well in case you’ve forgotten, the last time you encouraged her to use her powers, there was darkness in the palace for a whole day,” Chantae reminded.

“It wasn’t my fault. Ephyra used the wrong spell,” Calista defended herself.

“And who gave her the spell?” Chantae asked.

“Calista,” Calliope replied.

“And Sir Kenan said she shouldn’t use the power anyhow…like entertaining people but to help,” Chantae said.

“Fine…let’s change the topic,” Calista said.

“Girls do you know what I feel like doing right now?”

“What?” they said in unison.

Ephyra gestured to Calista to move closer. “Swimming up to see the humans,” she whispered.

“Humans!” they gasped in shock.

“Keep it down,” she eyed them.

And they each placed their palms on their mouths. Ephyra swims up to the Sea, Rivers and Freshwater Lakes. She swims up and sometimes uses her powers to reach the other world just to see how humans have fun by the beach. During a concert by the beach, she was sitting on a rock and watching a group of girls entertaining humans with music. She fell in love with the scene and thought of becoming Human.

Royal Dinning Room

A royal dinner is taking place tonight. Palace maids and chefs worked themselves around the table to set it up with seafood of all kinds. Old friends of Oceanus are coming to his Kingdom. Bhupendra, King of Hali Kingdom, in Hali Sea is coming with his wife Calista and only son prince, Cas (King Of Hali Treasures), who is in love with Ephyra. He’s three years older than Ephyra. Calista gave birth to fourteen mermaids and her last daughter, Nakendra (Sea baby) is in love with Fairfax.

Bhupendra married his thirteen daughters to Oceanus’ sons. His visit to Oceanus’ Kingdom is to check on his daughters and also give Nakendra to Fairfax.

Samudra the Lord of Arnav Sea is coming with his wife Adamaris (Nobel of Arnav Sea) and his only son Prince Aalton (he possesses the power to created and control waves). He is also in love with Ephyra. Samudra gave out his two daughters to Oceanus’ sons. His main reason for visiting Oceanus is to ask for Ephyra’s hands in marriage to his son Aalton.

Oceanus, Bhupendra and Samudra are childhood friends. They married their children out to Oceanus’ sons to tighten their friendship and maintain peace between the kingdoms.

And Bhupendra and Samudra plan to stay in Oceanus’ Kingdom till Ephyra’s birthday celebration.

Human World—Harry’s Beach House

Harry heard the doorbell from the kitchen.

Who could it be? he asked himself. He looked down at the watch on his wrist, 10:00pm. Harry switched off the tap and moved out of the kitchen. He motioned towards the intercom and checked to see who was at the door.

“What is she doing out there?” he muttered.
It was Eleanor White, his childhood friend
Eleanor White is the daughter of the most influential businessman in USA, Bert White.
Eleanor is an international model, one of the best female models in USA. She has been in love with Harry since she knew what love means.

She was there at his home to make plans for his twenty sixth birthday and give feedback to Isobel. Harry punched in his password. and the door opened.

“Hi,” she greeted cheerfully.

“Hello,” he replied. She hugged him. “Did mom send you here?” he asked.

She pulled back to look at him. “No,” she lied. He walked back to the couch. She stepped in and closed the door.

“Didn’t you check the time?” He picked up his phone on the table.

“Yes I know the time is 10:00pm. And I came on my own after my shoot.”

“You’re lying Eleanor,” he said.

She moved to the couch he sat on. “There was traffic on the highway. That was why I arrived late.” She rests her head on his chest

“Did you run away from your mom again?” he asked when he noticed the box she brought in. Eleanor was fond of running away from her mom, sometimes to stay in Harry’s family home or at her friend’s place just to go to club during high school days.


“So what’s in the box?”

“My clothes and—”

“Are you travelling?”

“No. I’m here to stay with you…to spend sometime with you. Mom and dad are too busy at work and I’m always alone at home if there are no shoots for me at the agency. So I figured—”

“Eleanor—” he called.

She raised her head to look at him. He shifted and repositioned himself to look straight at her.

“Also Harry, I don’t want you to be alone.”

“Eleanor you have to stop caring about me.”

“Harry I can’t—I want to be with you.”

“Well you know how much I like being alone… my privacy.”

“You need to come out of that shell? Do you want to be like this forever?”

He stood up. “Eleanor I’m not in for an argument this night. And you can spend the night and leave tomorrow. Tell that old lady not to hire any worker or else I will call the cops on whoever she hires. Good night.” He walked away.

“Are you leaving me out here Harry?” she said in a sad tone. She followed him. “Harry!” She called but he didn’t respond. He slammed the bedroom door. And she stopped. “Son of a bitch…” she muttered. “I’m not going to leave!”she said before walking back to the living room.

Read Part Two.

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