You Make Me Feel…

You make me feel brand new,
like a pair of new shoes from Amazon stores.
From the day I set my eyes on you,
I have gone beyond the love shores.

Your lips reminds me of pizzas,
the type with onions and spicy gizzards.
I wish we could go to Ibiza,
where I would gladly be your Caesar.

All night I only thought of you,
your smile, your eyes and your perfume.
Give me the chance to be with you,
and I’ll give you fresh love to consume.

Babe, quench not this fire.
My love is an electrifying wire.
I’ll meet all you naughty desires;
only give me your feelings to acquire.

You make me feel like Kanye West,
in the thighs of Kim Kandashian.
I’ll give you love ever blest,
more than the tao chi of the Asians.

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