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Thirtieth Day

“Wait, wait , please wait for me.”That was the third truck that just left her, she won’t stop shouting because it was getting late and no other truck was forth coming. She kept shouting, but as if all the trucks were against giving her a ride today, they kept on speeding without turning to see why or who was shouting and waving at them to stop. Even her friends and workers who were in those trucks didn’t even do anything to help her out.

How could they be so mean to her? Today of all days.

She had woken up feeling very happy today but suddenly, her mood changed because the weather wasn’t friendly, it was already cloudy that early morning.

Any cloudy or raining day had it’s penalty. Now this was what she hated about the day been raining or even cloudy, a bright day was always the best.

She kept moving and was almost feeling like she would faint when an already filled truck stopped to pick others and then she ran and stuffed herself inside not even minding how she was seated. They had not moved for thirty minutes when nature demanded she step aside to do the necessary. But unluckily for her, there was no place to stop and obey the call.

Few minutes more they were on traffic and that was the height today could go she thought.

When they managed to reach the gate, she looked for a place to obey the call, but yet it was still not convenient.

What a hell she would have faced if a good Samaritan hadn’t given her a good idea because of the way she was shaking.

The rain became extremely heavy, she opened a car that parked close to her to see if she could ride with them but the Indian man that was seated inside pushed her and shut the door, he almost injured her, but thanks to the driver who was her country man .

They dropped her at her junction. She was thankful for at least she was able to save up a little money so today wasn’t that bad after all she said and laughed.

That was my day 30th in that company, Amaka said laughing out loudly.

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Emmanuella John
Emmanuella John, the Christmas Princess is the third child of seven children. She is a writer, who writes poems, prose (fiction and non fiction etc) and a little of drama. She also writes articles on different topics.
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  1. A nice piece of writing, keep getting better, do more review of people’s work. That way yours can improve easily

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  2. nice one keep it up dear
    …my Lekki friends 你们加油吧
    hustle must pay

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    • Thanks alot 宝贝儿
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  3. ❤I love dis line “…..nature demanded she step aside to do the necessary”👍🏼 keep it up

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    • Thanks 宝贝儿
      I appreciate

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  4. At first i didnt really understand it, but giving it a second thought i realized that it was Amaka’s little day experience….Keep it up dear😘😘

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    • Thanks babe
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      Love you much

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