Runaway Friend

I came
I created moments of sparks
Became a coating mortar to your cracks
Tragedies then began to seem funny
Our friendship, priceless, could be bought with no money

Then I left
More of life’s realities came knocking
Like a shooting star I left a space walking
Walking in between us—this time I could
not balance
life and keeping close and it caused us bad distance

You complained
I’m glad you did, I am
I might not have noticed that I dropped your arm
In this verse you have my apology, I’m sorry
This runaway friend has retraced his steps back to your country

Now am back
With a promising assurance to stay
I’ve learnt to gather all golds and let the stones decay
‘Cause those moments I missed, along with you my friend
Hopefully this time, this path won’t be a bend

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