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In Her Mocassin (Part 5)

Continued from the last part…

“A new girl at the middle of the term?” Nicole asked even though she already knew the answer.

“Yeah, a new girl. And not just a new girl a poor new girl on scholarship.”

We were queued up in the cafeteria awaiting our turn. Nicole was infront of me while Nora was behind me. There were two people before Nicole. Michelle O’Connor and Amy Percy. Michelle is talented in dancing while Amy was talented in singing. They both came second place during the SYTADS for the three years I and Nicole came first. And we; I, Nicole and Nora believe they’ll take the same position.

It’s not pride but just the conviction we have.

“Fried rice with salad,” Nicole said to the lunch lady when her turn came. I and Nora had the same. We then went to sit at our usual table. The cafeteria is arranged in a way that each table has six chairs. Since we were only three, that left three chairs unoccupied.

“Did you girls see her sandals? She doesn’t belong here at all,” I resumed our discussion.

“Yeah. She doesn’t. Sincerely, if I was to be those sandals, in my next life, I wouldn’t allow myself to be bought by her,” Nicole said.

“And how would you achieve that?” I asked playfully.

“Well, I’ll run away from where I’m kept in the mall if I see that she wants to pick me up,” Nicole said with laughter in her voice.

“A pair sandals can’t run, girl. So stop your fantasies.” We both burst into laughter.

“But what’s so bad about her being on scholarship?” Nora who’d been silent throughout our discussion asked.

This question threw us aback and we stopped laughing. We looked at her in awe as if she’d just sprouted two horns on her head.

Then after regaining some composure, I replied her, “Nora Raymond, let me define a scholarship girl for you. A scholarship girl is one who doesn’t any fees and doesn’t belong to our class. Therefore we are to have nothing to do with her. Is that clear?” I asked.

“I know what a scholarship girl means but at least she worked hard to earn…”

“Mind if we join you?” A voice cut in.

We turned towards the voice and saw it was Michelle and Amy. “No problem,” Nicole said.

Michelle and Amy placed their meals on the table and say down. Michelle has short brown hair and large blue eyes which makes her look innocent even when guilty. Amy on the other hand has long blonde hair which fell to her shoulders and a pair small blue eyes. The two of them are very beautiful though not as beautiful as Nicole and I.

They also love dressing in a sophisticated manner. Now, Michelle has on a black turtleneck blouse with a pink coat over it, pink pants, and pink sneakers. While Amy has on the latest gown in vogue.

“Hi Nicole, Nicola, Nora. Hope we aren’t intruding?” Amy asked.

“No, you aren’t. We were just talking about the scholarship girl,” Nicole replied.

“Oh, that trash,” Michelle rolled her large eyes, “She’s not a subject to be wasted time on by people like us,” Michelle said.

Michelle’s father is the owner of O’Connor Enterprise, a very large company that makes shoes. They are stinkingly rich to the extent that a limousine conveys her to and from school although her house is only two houses away from the school. While ours is six houses.

“I’m sure the reason she resumed late is because she didn’t have money to purchase all she’ll need at school despite the scholarship,” Amy said.

“You girls are being unfair. She earned her stay here through her hard work,” Nora cautioned.

“What do you know?” Michelle countered. “She is not of the same class as us and is nothing but a piece of dirty rag who just happened to find her way into somewhere she’s neither wanted nor welcomed.”

After some minutes, we successfully convinced Nora about the SG being nothing but a piece of garbage.

“All this talk about the SG is boring and wearing me down. Let’s talk about something important.” Nora remarked.

I, Nicole, Michelle and Amy exchanged triumphant glances and smiles.

“Alright,” we said.

“Ugh, I can’t wait.” Nicole said suddenly.

“Can’t wait for what?” I asked perplexed.

“The SYTADS, of course.” She said.

We then started talking about it until the bell went for the end of lunch.

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