The Hidden Truth (Part 6)


Continued from the last part…

Ava’s POV

“I have a question Mrs James,” a girl stood.

“I’m listening.”

“I thought the white teams were banned four years ago, why then did you want them to compete this year?” Some students nodded quietly. I looked on, watching the drama as it unfolded.

“The school board have decided and concluded to make them compete so they were given three days to elect their leaders and also to summit the names of the basketball players. If not, they will no longer compete anymore,” she concluded and everyone began to murmur.

“Another announcement here is… after the upcoming event, there would be a basketball competition with Pragmatic College.” Everyone cheered. “Make us proud as you used to, thank you,” she concluded and another round of applause was heard.

Everyone dispersed and left the hall. I joined Ann and we left to our class. Ann just sat down reading a book, maybe a novel, I lay down on my desk, some students were out on breaks and I felt very lonely.

“Hey,” someone called out behind me. I turned and it turned out to be the guy that led me to the principal’s office earlier today. “Do you mind me showing you around?” I smiled and stood up immediately and joined him.

“So now that we are getting along, can you tell me your name?” he asked as we are walking down the stairs.

“Ava, you?”

“Dennis. So…can you tell me about yourself?” he asked again and I shrugged. I’m not in the mood to talk now.

“What do you want to know?” I asked hoping to shun him off.

“Don’t you wanna tell me? Alright . We are heeding to the library now,” he said and I nodded and followed behind.

We got in to a very big building, I looked on in admiration. The library is surely big and well organised, few students were reading, I looked at Dennis, he was looking at me. As soon as I met his eyes, he averted them and looked somewhere else.

“This is really big!” I exclaimed looking at the shelves.

“The library.”

“I can see that,” I said as we walked to the desk and sat down. I got up quietly and walked to the series of books on the shelf and picked one titled The Adventures of the Twins, flipped through a few pages and went back to my seat opposite Dennis who was obviously watching me in a closer look. I don’t know why he kept looking at me as if I was on the wrong cloth.

Actually I was not given uniform so I was on mufti and I wore one of my best clothes to school, I don’t see any reason why he should keep on staring. I overlooked it and sat down.

“Do you read her books,” he finally asked me still staring.

“Bella’s books right?” I asked still focused on the book.


I nodded and mumbled. “I read them a lot. So many of them.”


“Yes. The Lost Love, her very first novel, it’s based on traditions, culture and deals with myths. Then, another one… em… what’s the name again? Yes, Revenge.

“It’s very interesting. I’ve read it twice and I’m hoping to read it again, but I think Isabella (In Love with a Mermaid) is more interesting.”

“Sky’s books? Nope. ‘Cause it contains mystical powers or what? I prefer nature, a novel which involves reality. It deals with facts of life. I mean for example, The Lost Love, it contains our early traditions and cultures. It deals with facts and reality of life. That’s the novel I would always love to read.”

Seems this guy wanted to challenge me, I just started humming and checking my head, almost forgetting I’m in the library.

“Now you sound like a traditionalists. Can we proceed? I hope you don’t tend tend to read this book here?” he asked after watching me for sometime.

“Nah. But not after borrowing this book,” I answered and stood up. I walked straight to the counter and greeted a lady, perhaps she’s in charge of the library.

“Can I borrow this book for three days?” I asked her.

“Sure. Sign here,” she said bringing out a long note and showing me where to sign.

“Thanks,” I smiled and we walk out of the library.

“Now let’s go over to the garden.”

“Garden? I would love to.”

We’d gone to the library, field, basketball court, volleyball court, music house, halls and so many places. I must say the school is really big. Now we are walking back to the class.

He stopped and I looked at him immediately.
“What’s wrong?” I asked still looking strangely at him.

“I’m hungry, can we go over to the cafeteria?” he mumbled. Seems I’m also hungry ,I didn’t eat much today.

“Yea, let’s go.”

Amelia’s POV

I and my friends were in the cafeteria discussing some random girl’s stuff. I noticed Doris wasn’t paying attention, she was probably staring at something absentmindly.
I traced her eyes to Dennis and that new girl.

“Hey, are you alright?” I asked her bringing her back to her senses. I looked at her eyes and I could see she was hurt, there was this angry stare she had on the new girl. Doris is my best friend.

“I love Dennis too much, I’ve tried to make him happy and see me as his lover, but just in a day, the new girl became close to him.”

I held her hands and she looked into my eyes. She had tried and Dennis sees her only as a friend.

“Look Doris, they might be together but I don’t think they like each other,” Best said and gave her an angry stare.

“What do you mean you don’t think they like each other? Why should they even be this close?” I snapped at her and she rolled her eyes.

“Look, we are going over to them right now!” I shouted and stood up.

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