Gods of Injustice

In your high hills you dwell
Strutting like overstuffed peacocks
Watching as we mortals toil in vain
Amusing yourselves with our frivolities…

A man asks for children
To fill his home and warm his hearthstone
You give him a son
Who will burn down the stead where he was sired…

A young man falls in love
And whispers a prayer to you on her behalf
And then you mischievously
Answer another mans prayers with this girl…

A nation asks for peace
And make supplications with animal sacrifices
And you intentionally misread the blood on the altar as a plea for war
And give it abundantly to them and their neighbors…

You bless a man with lots of yam seeds
And then send rain to drown them
And the blazing sun to scorch their young tendrils
And smirk mischievously when he gives up and dangles from a rope…

And when we all stop praying and making supplications
You act all hurt and complain with famine and pestilence
As if we started it in the first place,
Kill us all and raise stones for we are not doing again biko

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