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I don’t really love reading poems
I just like a few of them.
And the writers of the poems I like, they are all broken and miserable people in real life.
I guess I relate more to writers with failed and miserable lives.
I wonder what that says about me.

I don’t really have a preference
I’ve only had few times to choose between two or more options.
And most times I tend to unconsciously choose the wrong option
I guess I’m involuntarily drawn to the wrong choice all the time.
I wonder what that says about me.

I think I know what it says about me
Its saying that my fate is already sealed
That no matter what I do, I can never get out
I’m destined for failure.
I used to wonder why I fail where others succeed.
Now I know why…

The air is a bit thicker now…

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Kenny Ozojie
A free thinker
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