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Entrusted (Episode Five)

Continued from the last part…

After driving for about an hour, they got to their destination; a club looking restaurant. The restaurant was usually turned into a club at night.

“Wow, looks good,” Julie said immediately she alighted from the car.

“You like it?” Dave asked, taking Julie’s bag from the backseat.

“I love it,” Julie replied, smiling.

“Okay, let’s get inside then.” Dave took her left hand in his right hand, her bag in his left hand and walked towards the restaurant-club.

Immediately they walked in, everywhere was silent for a second and almost immediately, almost everyone in the restaurant started whispering. All eyes on Dave and Julie (ninety-nine percent of the people in the restaurant are regular customers.)

Most of the people greeted Dave, some waved at him while others nodded in his direction. Most of the ladies looked at Julie enviously. Noticing this, Julie turned to face Dave. “Do you come here regularly?” she asked him.

“Uhm, yeah,” Dave replied.

They found a table for two near a window, it was quite isolated from other tables in the restaurant. Not long after they were seated, a waitress came for their order.

“What will you like have, sir, ma?” the waitress requested. Dave took the menu from the table and passed it to Julie in the fashion of a gentleman.

After scanning through for a while, Julie found what she wanted. “I’ll have a plate of crab,” she smiled at the waitress.

“Okay ma’am, you sir?” the waitress turned to face Dave.

“I’ll be having the same thing as her,” Dave replied smiling.

“Okay sir,” the waitress tried her best to smile, “I’ll be back in a jiffy.” With that,the waitress walked away angrily. Dave had always patronized them, but he always came alone. So when she saw him come into the restaurant, she thought he was alone as usual but she was wrong. After she saw that lady he came in with, just like the other ladies, she was filled with jealousy.

After she got to the kitchen for Julie and Dave’s orders, she heard some waitresses gossiping. “Did you see that lady Lil came in with?” one of the waitresses asked.

“Yeah, I’m so jealous, gosh,” another replied.

“I wonder who she is, she looks expensive though,” another one said.

“You guys should chill, she may be his friend or even his sister,” a waiter suggested.

“That’s true, better be so,” the second waitress hoped and skipped away happily.

After listening to what they said, Grace,the waitress attending to Dave and Julie smiled. What the waiter had said gave her hope. After taking what she came for, she also skipped away happily. After placing their dishes on the table, something flashed through her mind, she smiled. “Uhm, Lil?” she called Dave.

“Huh?” Dave replied looking up to face her.

“You always come here alone, but today you brought this beautiful miss along with you. Is she a friend?” Grace smiled showing her teeth.

Dave smiled and turned to face Julie. “No” Dave replied. Thinking Dave was going to say that Julie was his sister, Grace laughed heartily. “She’s the love of my life,” Dave added.

Immediately Grace heard this, her laughter came to an abrupt stop. The little hope she had left shattered instantly. She squeezed her left hand beside her and managed to maintain her composure. She quickly replaced the look on her face with a fake smile (such a good actress). “Ah, miss, you are lucky to have Lil,” she said smiling sweetly at Julie who ignorantly replied her.

“Thank you,” Julie replied shyly.

In Grace’s mind, she had beaten Julie black and blue. “I’ll leave you two to enjoy your meal then,” she said and turned around with the trays she brought Dave’s and Julie’s dishes with in her right hand. Deep down, Grace was seriously boiling.

After the waitress left, Julie turned to face Dave. “Why was she referring to you as Lil?” She asked Dave.

Dave smiled. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out,” Dave said with a wink.

Julie rolled her eyes and dropped the question. It didn’t matter anyway, she was the love of his life. She assured herself.
Thirty minutes later, Julie was done eating. Dave’s dish still untouched. He’d been on his phone since the waitress brought their meals. “Dave, why aren’t you eating your food?” Julie asked. “Your crab’s getting cold,” she whinned.

“Chill, baby, I’ll be through soon,” Dave replied, his eyes still on his phone.

“What are you even doing?” Julie asked pouting. She felt like pouring water on his face, he wouldn’t even look at her.

“Just finishing an unfinished business. Babe chill, okay?” Dave said and chuckled.

Twenty minutes later.

“I’m through,” Dave sighed dropping his phone on the table. He smiled, picking up a table knife and fork, he started eating. Julie was backing the stage so she didn’t know it was being set up to be used. It was almost nightfall.

Immediately he finished eating, Dave stood up. “Babe, excuse me for a minute, wanna use the bathroom,” he smiled at Julie.

“Whatever, just don’t stay too long,” Julie groaned.

“I won’t.” Dave chuckled and kissed her forehead before he left.

“Looks like The Entity will be performing tonight,” one of the ladies sitting nearest to Julie’s table screamed happily after seeing the stage.

“Awwn, I need to call the rest of the girls. They’ll be glad Lil’s performing tonight,” her friend giggled happily.

“It’s going to be heated tonight,” another lady joined in.

Julie wasn’t paying much attention to them but the name Lil caught her attention. I’ve heard that name before, but where? she thought for a second, whatever. She decided not to think much about it since it had nothing to do with her. She picked up her phone and started chatting with her friends on WhatsApp.

Twenty minutes later, Dave’s still not back and the restaurant was getting filled up. She was about to stand up when she faintly heard a very familiar voice.

Hello everyone.” Julie furrowed her brows.

That voice sounds extremely familiar, she thought. Whatever though. Even though the voice sounded familiar, she couldn’t place whose voice it was so she dropped the thought.

It didn’t matter, what mattered though was finding Dave.

“Attention everyone,” the voice called out yet again. This time, Julie heard the voice loud and clear and she knew exactly who it belonged to. Fucking Dave Charlie , her boyfriend. She hastily turned around to face where his voice sounded from and it turned out to be the… stage?

Like, is Dave crazy? Julie panicked. She quickened her steps and walked towards the stage. “Dave, get down from there!” she mouthed.

Dave didn’t hear her from where he was but he read her lips and chuckled.

Wait, what? Did he just laugh? Like, I’m trying to save his damn ass but he is laughing. Seriously? Julie looked bewildered

“Dave! Come down! The stage is for one Li…” her voice trailed off. Lil? She paused. She recalled how when they had come in earlier that day, the waitress referred to Dave as Lil. The looks she got from the ladies when they stepped in, the way Dave was recieved… So, Dave’s Lil, she thought.

Julie hastily looked up at Dave on the stage with questions written all over her face. Dave simply smiled and nodded when he saw her expression. Julie looked around her and saw that the chairs and tables that made up the restaurant had been cleared and the restaurant had been turned into a club house. She looked looked around further and found out that the club’s been filled up. People were everywhere, jumping and screaming.

All these while, she had her mouth open. She was so engrossed with getting Dave off the stage that she didn’t notice any of these.
Everyone in the club house were already yelling “LIL KING! LIL KING! LIL KING!”

Noticing her expression, Dave smirked and called out to everyone, “Guys, listen to me,” he smiled.

Everywhere became quiet a bit. “Uhm, you see, this song is not just any song. Not that the songs I sing every other day are just any songs,” he pursed his lips, “this song is dedicated to the love of my life.” He licked his lower lip.

“Whaaooh!” Everyone in the club house screamed. Not that the ladies there were not jealous, they were. But if their darling Lil was happy with that love of his life, they were happy too. They’d do anything for their darling. They were all happy except for one person, Grace.

Julie just stood there, right before the stage, looking like an idiot with her mouth still hanging open. She was shocked beyond words. Who would have thought that her darling was a popstar. It wasn’t until now that she realized that Dave had changed his clothes. He was now wearing a Versace top with a ripped skinny jeans and a pair of timberland shoes. He also had a Nike head band on his head with his guitar hanging around his neck, across his chest. A typical popstar. Julie’s eyes roamed around Dave or rather, Lil who looked so hot on stage.

After the screaming had subsided a bit, Dave proceeded with what he was saying, “And that love of my life is right here.” He smiled.

The screaming intensified.

“Oh My Gawd! Could it be me?” a lady in the midst of the crowd squealed facing her friend beside her.

Her friend eyed her from her head to her toe. “Huh, you? You are so ugly,” her friend scoffed, “You don’t look good enough for Lil, I do,” she added, all smiles.

Back on the stage, Immediately Dave said what he said, spotlight was switched on and it was projected on Julie alone.

Though she was only wearing a short gown with white sneakers, Julie still looked mesmerizing. Everyone spoke in hushed tones but after a while, every where fell silent.
Dave began to sing into the mic,playing his guitar along.

Immediately he stopped, everywhere was filled with screams. Dave took off his guitar and rested it against one of the speakers. He walked towards the far right edge of the stage, knelt on his left knee, his right foot on the floor. He drew Julie who was grinning ear to ear closer to him and kissed her. The screaming increased. The kiss lasted a while, and when Dave broke the kiss, he whispered to Julie, “I love you.”

Julie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But in between, she replied, “I love you too.”

Some of the ladies, Grace included, were looking on jealously even though most were with their boyfriends.

If looks were daggers, Grace would have struck Julie a thousand times. She was so furious to the extent that her veins were almost popping out of her skin.

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