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Bad Ass in Love (Episode Three)

Continued from the last part…

Anita’s POV

“How do you expect me to do all those?” I asked frustrated.

“I don’t actually care how you do it. Remember, thirty thousand,” he said and walked to the doorpost. “Now… Go and do your chores.”

“You’re impossible!” I yelled and stormed out. He must be laughing at me.

I went to the secretary and asked for the clothes. I took it to the laundry man nearby, I kept the clothes there and ran back to the receptionist. Wait.

I can’t drive a car. Who the hell’s gonna help me? I took the car key wondering how I’m supposed to drive the car.

“Need help?” I heard a male say behind me. I turned to saw John standing at smiling at me.

“Yeah…” I checked my time, nine minutes left! “Can you drive?” I asked him.

“Sure!” he replied and walked closer to me.

“I need to wash this car within five minutes…can you help me?” I pleaded.

“Alright. Get in lemme help you,” he said and took the car key from me. We sat down and he ignited the engine and we drove off.

“How long are you gonna drive from here to there?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Two minutes,” he said as applied the brake slowly, “and we’re here!” He added.

Seven minutes remaining.

We came down from the car and let the car washers do their thing.

I felt like I needed to use the bathroom but I didn’t know how to tell him.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m alright,” I replied with a smile. Okay. That’s too much. Where’s the ladies?” I yelled as I had almost lost it.

“Take your left, ma’am,” they chorused.

Thank God! I ran in and eased myself. I sighed and checked the time. Four minutes remaining, Damn! I walked out and they were already done. “Thank goodness,” I said and smiled.

“Shall we?” he said and opened the door for me. He sat down and was about to start the car.

“Sir, you’ve not paid us,” one of the men said.

“Oh. Here,” he said and gave them some notes, “Keep the change.”

We stopped by and I took the clothes from the laundry room. Two minutes left. Thank God.

I took the car keys and clothes and ran to his office. I placed them on his table.”Here they are,” I said to him.

“You’re two seconds late,” he said and paused. “So, I can’t give you the money.”

“You’re…you’re joking, right?” I asked.

“I’m not, dear. I don’t joke,” he answered with a stern face.

“What do you mean?” I yelled at him.

He took his telephone and dialed, “Security! I need you here!” he said and ended the call.

I watched him as tears streamed down. “You’ll pay!” I screamed and held his clothes. He slapped me and pushed me out.

Minutes later, the security men came in and dragged me out. I cried and regretted coming to him. My parents. God help them.

Bryan’s POV

She dare talk to John, she couldn’t even drive a car! She’s such a dummy. How’s she gonna fit in as my PA? Nah, I don’t take such shit.

I’m gonna plead with her and make sure she forgives me. Then, I’ll make her life miserable!

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