The Local Man

Beware the local man, for he is king
The king of his neighborhood.
Nobody knows him, but he knows everyone.
He is among the poorest in his area
But he doesn’t lack.
He doesn’t steal, rob or engage in violence
Yet he is respected by all who lives in his Neighborhood.

Beware the local man, for he knows.
When you move in, he knows
When you set up shop, he knows
When you buy a new car, he knows
When you cheat on your wife, he knows
And finally, when you die, he knows

Beware the local man, beware his anger.
He is the last person on earth you would want to go up against
He knows a million ways he can hurt you
But you can’t even scratch him.
The streets are his playground.

Beware the local man, for he is king…

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