Sick (Part 2)

Continued from the last part…

“Chukwudumebi, you need to take enough rest. I would recommend you leave school for now, your constant fainting and absence from school will soon convince all the students in your school that you are suffering from sickle cell anaemia,” Dr Yusuf our family doctor said.

The mention of the sickle cell anaemia made me nauseous, it took me minutes to register Dr Yusuf’s words. I sat there lost and transfixed, a tap from my mother brought me back to reality. Oh! How can I live a life of solitude, a life without the people and the environment am used to? Hot tears welled up my eyes.

Dumebi m, don’t cry, be strong for us. All will be well, honey,” my mother said amidst uncontrollable sobs. With anger, I gave her a look filled with hatred for her. My father noticed the dirty look I gave her and dreaded my response, he intentionally avoided looking directly my direction.

“Em, Dr Yusuf, thank you very much. We’ll be taking our leave now,” Dad said in order to break the dangerous silence that enveloped the hospital room and to avoid any further embarrassment .


The journey home was so irritating, mother’s childish sobs filled the air in the car. I felt no remorse, her tears irked me and made me even more angry.

Father kept driving though I sensed that mother’s tears was killing him inside, but he would not dare try to console her in my presence. I hate them both with so much passion, they should have chosen to be apart, they should have chosen to spare me this agonising pain but they didn’t.

I finally stopped schooling. According to the doctor, it is better that way. According to my parents, Dr Yusuf knows whats best for me. Those words have gradually become an anthem to my sick ears.

I stayed indoors feeling sorry for my pitiful self, my parents tried all they could to cheer me up but my pure hatred for them warned them not to come too close. So I’m always alone in solitary confinement in my overly large luxurious room.

I insisted that all servants be dismissed, my parents did not hesitate to grant my request which made our big mansion almost empty, but the cleaner and gateman were spared.

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