Mom’s Prayer

At the age of 16, in my 100 level, I called my mom from my rented apartment in school.
It was in the evening.
I started with the normal greeting.
She responded. But before she could ask how well I was eating, I began to state my business

“Mom, we wrote an exam on a course. we’re asked to bring 5k or we won’t do well. All my friends have done theirs.”
She paused for a while..
She asked if i wrote well…
“Yes I did but…”
She interrupted me and gave me a strict warning never to involve myself in such news and activities again.
She told me she’d pray for me and said I should also pray. She ended the call.

Mom’s faith in prayers astonished me sometimes.
From what I learned, you couldn’t get anything other than a D in the course if you didn’t pay.
No matter what you wrote.
And frankly speaking, what I wrote was worthy of a C, or a B if it wasn’t marked thoroughly.
I forgot to pray about it, but I’m sure that mom didn’t.
She never forgets prayer. Never.

On the day the result came out, I went to the notice board to check my result.
I left with a big fat smile on my face.

I got a B

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