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Lover’s Lust (Part 13)

Continued from the last part…

Averill’s POV

I was breathing so loudly that someone two streets away could possibly hear me. Cole dropped me down when we heard mum come down the stairs.

“Averill you okay?” she asked really concerned.

“I’m obviously fine, it’s just that I had reacted upon seeing a cockroach on the sink, I couldn’t help but scream. Luckily, Superman was standing by and immediately caught me,” I said.

“Averill darling, how many times have I made it clear to you to stop exaggerating things?”

“I wasn’t exaggerating!”

“Yes, you were.”

“You know what, mum? I ain’t having this conversation again. We have talked about this before and I thought we had concluded it, so what’s the need of bringing it up again? Arrrrgh, don’t bother.”

“Averill, come on, it’s not what you think it is. Cole, please help me talk to her,” mum pleaded with Cole.

“Uhm, sure aunt,” Cole replied.

Mom left and headed back upstairs still shocked. “Just a little cockroach and she wants to pull down the roof of my building,” she murmured as went.

“So uhm, Averill, I hope I can help out,” Cole said turning to me.

“Well, yeah, Cole, you’re free to. You can start by helping with the garnishing of the tomatoes.”

“Okay, garnishing is my call, you know my dad calls me Mr. Garnisher because I’m the really talented in garnishing,” he said with a smile.

We proceeded to work without saying anything more to each other.


Oriana’s POV

Prom was just two nights’ away and I still hadn’t got a dress. Eliana had gotten hers through the help of Dash. Asking mum would be like requesting for the entire universe and I didn’t even have the guts to. I just decided to use my own savings instead.

Going through the town mall made me feel kinda happy for the first time in my life. Everyone else may see the clothes as just a piece of sewn material, but I don’t see them that way, I see them as the definition of life, I see them as identities.

The clothes in the mall were damn beautiful,
Wow. Gasping for breath, oh my gosh! It’s so pretty! I ran over to pick up the purple dress I’d just set my eye’s on, it was too beautiful. The dress just made my day and its price said it was very affordable. Grabbing the dress, I went over to the counter to pay for it.

“Four hundred dollars,” I heard the attendant say when the dress had been handed over to her.

“What? How is that possible? The dress label a different amount.”

“I’m sorry ma’am, but that is really the actual price of the dress. Maybe some mistake occurred either during the labeling or when the cloth was being sampled.”

“Well, it’s okay. We both didn’t know about it,” I said, trying to at least say sorry for the way I had yelled at her.

“It’s okay. So should I go ahead and wrap the dress for the actual price?”

“No! Uhm, I mean could you just give me two minutes to uhm, make a phone call?”

“Yes. You’re free to.”

“Thanks,” I said relieved. Going over to one of the hidden corners of the shop, I decided to phone Eliana because the money with me was just barely half of the actual price and I hadn’t any money at home.

The phone kept ringing but there was no answer. Come on Eliana pick up the damn phone, what’s keeping u so long? After two more tries, I finally gave up and went back to the attendant.

“So, are you still taking the dress?” she asked me brightly.

“Uhm, about the dress, not really. I’m not really sure about it.”

“Well, you could always do home delivery, like paying half of the money, then when you eventually get the money, you can send for the good,” she offered.

“Yeah, yeah, I know of that. It’s just that the money I budgeted for the dress isn’t enough,” I said a little embarrassed.

“I’ll pay for it,” I heard someone say.


Mac’s POV

Sylvie had forcefully made me come over to the mall to get some prom wears. Though I had objected for the fact that prom wasn’t my kind of thing, she still insisted, and I had no option but to agree.

The clothes seemed really stupid and worn out in my eyes so I couldn’t decide which to pick. I just strolled round the mall. I mistakenly ran into an old lady and her son or perhaps her grandson. I was apologising for spilling her goods bought on the floor when my eyes suddenly caught Eliana or maybe it was Oriana. I just knew it was one of the twin girls but I did not even know which one of them it was since I couldn’t differentiate them.

Going over, I found out that she was in a kind of situation so I decided to help.

“Mac!” she squealed in delight, holding my arms really tight. “I wasn’t expecting to see you. Let me guess, you came to get prom stuffs.”

“Yep, and I can see that your already got yours.” We both laughed it off,

“Yeah, I was actually coming to get mine, and had already gotten it but…”

“But what, Eliana?” I asked.

Giggling really hard, she said, “It’s Oriana not Eliana.”

“Okay, right. Oriana, you were saying?”

“Well, it’s just that I had actually come for my prom dress and luckily, I had seen one which I like so much but unluckily, the amount was higher than what I had budgeted for.”

“Is that all?” I asked feeling really concerned. “How much does the dress cost?”

She told me the amount and I laughed a little. Something about her tugged at a distant memory…


“Mom, mom, I want that toy car!” Little Mac screamed.

“Mac, stop your embarrassing me,” his mom pleaded.

“Buy me that toy car,” he cried pulling down his mothers dress.

“Mac, stop it. I’ll get you a toy car, but not this one. Wait till when we get home.”

“No! I want this one right here.” Mac rolled on the floor, crying on top of his voice. Passers-by were attracted to the ongoing scene between mother and son.

Mac’s mum, already fed up, decided to beat him. A lady in her early twenties suddenly ran up to them. She took Mac away from his angry mum and consoled him, she wiped his tears and tried to make him to stop crying. Mac suddenly stopped and explained everything to her, she got touched and went over to get him the toy.

“Stop crying now sweetheart, you’re a big boy and boys don’t cry, its only babies that cry, are you a baby?”

“No I’m not,” he said also shaking his head.

“Good boy! And are you going to worry mum again?”

No, I won’t anymore.”

“That’s really good of you. So what’s your name, honey?”

“It’s Mac.”

“Mac who?”

“Uhm, I don’t know.”

She really seemed to be amused by the little boy because she chuckled at the sound of his voice saying I don’t know. “Well, Mac I don’t know ,” she jokingly said, my name is Lauren Smith, and I have a baby boy, just like you,
do you want to know his name?”

“Yes, I do,” he said with a smile.

“Well, his name is Cole Smith, he’s about your age and just as cute as you are.”

“Where is he right now, miss Lauren?” Mac asked.

“Well Mac, Cole is at home with his dad.”

“And why are you not with them?”

“Mac, stop it,” his mum who had been watching everything said.

“No, it’s okay, I don’t mind. Well Mac, how did you get to find out that I’m not with them?” Lauren asked squatting just in front of Mac.

“Well, I just noticed that when you mentioned his name, you looked really really sad, like you wanted to cry,” Mac responded.

“You’re indeed a smart boy and I know your mom must be really proud of you. Well Mac, I can’t obviously tell you my story right now but I want you to promise me that where ever you may find yourself Mac, always be kind to boys who bear the name Cole and don’t forget me.”

“I pinky cross my finger promise,” little Mac said.


“I won’t forget you, Miss Lauren,” Mac said inwardly to himself.

To be continued…

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