Locking Her Heart (Part 6)


Continued from the last part…

Alicia’s POV

I was well, beyond shocked after he said that. He walked away from me chuckling to himself for unknown reasons. Well, what to do right now? Thankfully, there were signs to guide me to the Admissions office, so I did the necessary and was given a student ID card as well as a timetable. I had literature first, so you could imagine I am an arts student. I turned the back of the time table and realized there was a map there, lucky me. It made it a lot easier to get to class. As I opened the door to enter, I realized there was already a lesson going on.

“What’s your name, young lady?” the teacher asked me.

“Uhm, Alicia, Alicia Riele,” I replied a little clumsily. I didn’t know why I was shy all of a sudden, maybe it was because I’ve never really had good social skills or the fact that I had to be guarded because my mouth had no filter when it comes to putting people in their place.

“Okay Miss Riele, you are welcome. I’m Mr. Jay, your literature teacher. We were just having a lesson when you walked in so kindly take a sit and let’s continue,” the teacher said kindly.

Well, he seems nice enough. I think I’ll really like him a lot. As I walked into the class, I nearly tripped because of the almost thirty pairs of eyes sizing me up, probably trying to figure me out. I took a sit beside a lovely brunette, opened my back pack and decided it won’t hurt to take a few notes.

“So like I was saying earlier,” Mr Jay resumed his class. “the play Romeo and Juliet is a Renaissance tragedy…”

I didn’t get the rest of what he was saying as a sweet light voice interrupted my concentration. “Hi, I’m Michelle, and you must be Alicia. Welcome to RichMond High.”
she said with a sweet voice which could be mistaken for that of a bird, chirpy but soft at the same time.

“Uhm, I guess you know I’m Alicia then. Oh and thank you for the welcome.”

“How you seeing the school so far, Alicia?” Michelle asked.

How was I going to explain I’ve never been out my life, that I’ve been homeschooled so I had no idea how a normal high school scenery looked like? “Uhm, it’s different but I think I’ll adapt,” I said.

“Okay. Well, if you want, I could give you a tour of the school grounds. It’s Monday, so we have recess next, a lot of free time.

Recess. Now, what’s Recess? I’ve never heard that name before.

“Uhm, could you explain what recess is? Is it like a subject we don’t study? I asked her, my confusion clearly written on my face.

“You’re really funny, Alicia. You know, I like you already. Recess is kinda like free time, to rest or read,” she said.

“Oh now I get it.” I smiled. That’s really cool I would love for her to show me around school.

I realized that Michelle was a really fun person to be with; she told me about her family. I got to know that she was an only child, her parents were both doctors but still loving. This made me think of mine. I also told her about my life except the part I was engaged to that jerk. She felt really sorry when I told her my parents had passed on few weeks back, but then she lightened the mood and we kept on chatting about minor things and I realised she would make a very good Friend.


Oops, that was the bell. I guess I spent so much time talking to Michelle, I didn’t realize how much time had passed. Okay, time for that tour.


We exited the class laughing, but it was cut short when I accidentally bumped into someone and spilled the person’s coffee.

Oh, no. Bad way to start a first day in high school.

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