I Met a Girl

I met a girl today.
But we didn’t talk. We only looked at each other.
She had an oval face with a small nose.
A nose so small I feared she might have trouble breathing.
She was beautiful.

Her skirt was unusually long and wide
She could divide it into two and still fit in each of them.
She was walking down the street right in front of me with her two sisters, One elder and one younger.
I guess I was too afraid of her big sister to go talk to her.
After a few glances towards me, she later separated from them and walked a bit further ahead.
But I still didn’t go talk to her.
I guess this time I was afraid of being turned down.


Maybe I didn’t really want to talk to her
She looked like someone looking for something serious, and I am anything but serious.
Maybe I was thinking about the 1K bet I lost last night
Or how I can raise up to 500K within this month
Well, I’ll definitely see her next Sunday
And I’ll definitely talk to her this time.

This was what I said last Sunday…

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