The Hidden Truth (Part 5)

Continued from the last part…

Dave’s POV

That girl is insane, I said to myself looking at my arm. I left the toilet shortly after she ran away and I met Amelia on my way to class, she looked beautiful in her school uniform, seems she purchased another one.

“Hey, Dave, what’s up?” she asked smiling as she pecked me on the cheek.

“Cool. You?” I asked looking intently at her. She’s a very beautiful girl. She’s also my childhood friend but left the city to America.

“Good as ever. Why are you here?” she asked me looking around.

“On my way to the class. And you?”

“Waiting for my friends,” she answered.

“Okay, meet me in class then. I said running off to class. I knew Amelia very well, she would ask me to keep her company which I would not like. Since she came back from America four years ago, she’d changed so much.

I rushed into the class and all eyes were on me. The teacher stopped what she was saying to look at me, I immediately averted my eyes. “You are late, Dave,” she said crossly.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Flora. I simply answered and rushed to my seat. Of course, she didn’t say another word to me.

“Yes, as I was saying…” she continued.

Dennis’ POV

I was lost in thoughts about the angel I met earlier today. She’s so cute and I believe she will be admitted to this class.

“Hey, what are you thinking?” I heard Dave shout to my ear, obviously because of the noise in the class.

“When did you come in?” I asked staring at him.

“Not so long ago. What’s bothering you?” he questioned.

“Huh? Nothing,” I said as I shifted my attentions to Mrs Flora.

The principal came in and everywhere became quiet. The cute girl was standing beside her.

“Huh? This crazy girl?” Dave muttered loudly making me turn over to him.

“Do you know her?” I asked.

“No. Yes. Actually, I met her at the toilet,” he simply answered looking at her.

“Attention please,”, the principal said and we all looked up.

Ava’s POV

I came in with the principal. They all focused their eyes on me. I became shy as so many eyes were focused on me.

“Her name is Ava Josh. She’s new, make her comfortable,” the principal said and left.

I looked up at the back and my eyes met with those of that idiot. He winked at me and I rolled away my eyes and looked away. I also saw the guy I met earlier, he smiled and I smiled back.

“There’s no vacant seat at the front row, you can head to the back seats,” the teacher said and smiled.

I saw three vacant seats and went to the one at the extreme, beside the window and sat down. The students were still staring at me and I wondered why. Immediately, a girl came in, she looked hot and sexy. She walked up to me and faced me, I wondered why. All attentions were on me.

“Excuse me, can I sit?” the girl asked breaking the silence .

“Huh? Here?” I asked her.

“Yeah, that’s my seat you’re sitting on,” she said.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I answered and sat in the middle and she sat down, brought out her ear piece and her iPod and faced the window.

She’s weird, I murmured and face the class, they all looked at me as if I put on an heavy makeup. The teacher was no more in class so I brought out my novel from my bag and busied myself with it. A girl came in shortly. she looked nice in her school uniform, with her short black hair. She’s beautiful, obviously from a rich family too. I wondered if there were any poor students in this school. She came in and sat beside me.

“Hi,” she greeted.

“Hello,” I replied.

“I’m Ann, you?”


“Nice to meet you. You’re the new girl, right?” she asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“You’re welcome,” she said giving me a smile.

The bell rang twice and the students trooped outside. “Where are they going to?” I asked Ann.

“To the hall. It’s the bell for an important announcement. You wanna join?”

“Yeah, thanks,” I said and we followed the hoard of students moving outside. I looked at the girl sitting beside me, she was looking outside, I wondered if she heard the bell. I minded my business and left with Ann.

We went into the hall and sat down. The principal came out with a microphone and started the announcement. “Good morning, students.”

“Good morning, Mrs James.”

“We are here on another session, as you all know, this session is a session for the Shows Day. I believe you all know the list of games to be conducted.” Every one clapped. “Now,” she continued as they calmed down, “the school board has made a decision on the case of basketball to make Team White function in the oncoming competition.”

Everywhere became quiet, I became confused. Someone at the back stood up furiously, we all turned at once, the girl left the hall after giving everyone an angry stare.

What’s happening? Why did the girl leave angrily? Who was the girl?

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