Entrusted (Episode Four)


Continued from the last part…

Dave got into the room and met Julie sobbing silently. She was sitting on the bed with her elbows on her laps and her face buried in her palms. Dave didn’t know what to do. He had that guilt and confused look plastered on his face.

After standing for twenty minutes without saying anything,he broke the silence.

“Babe?” his voice cracked.

No movement from Julie.

“Babe I can explain,” he pleaded, his voice clearer than before.

Exasperatedly, he brought up his left hand to his head and scratched his head. Something he unconciously did when frustrated. He was standing across the only standing mirror in the room and then he subconciously raised his head up to allow his eyes roam around for a while. His eyes roamed about the mirror for a second and just as he was about to look away, something caught his attention.

Right on his cheeks are two clear lipstick prints printed in a way that it was directly printed with lips. Not just lips, a woman’s lips! Like, what the fuck!

At first, he thought he was hallucinating. He rubbed his eyes with his index fingers and looked at the mirror again, same result. This time, it was on his shirt too, around his right lower ribs.


Why is life so unfair to me? Dave broke into sweats. I’ll kill Chloe I swearrugawd, he bit his lower lip.


Meanwhile, somewhere in a classroom, Chloe suddenly sneezed.


“Who’s saying something bad about me?” She looked around pouting.


“Baby I swear it’s not what you think, I swear I can explain,” Dave quickly spoke up. No wonder Julie was like that when she saw him.

He was expecting her to rant and stop after he’s explained but she didn’t. Not that she didn’t, but well, not as much as she would and now he got it. She thinks he cheated and he didn’t. Poor him.

“I can explain,” Dave more like whispered.

And explain it was. He explained in details.
Throughout the ‘explanation’, Julie didn’t flinch a bit. She just sniffed from time to time. After he was done with his explanation, Dave looked at Julie hopefully.

Having processed everything Dave said, Julie laughed. “Dave,you are a pathetic liar! So you couldn’t borrow your mum’s or sister’s phone right. Do you think I’m a fool? Answer me!” Julie sparked.

Dave was dumbfounded.

No, you’re not a fool, I AM, Dave pouted.

Why is life treating me like this, I should just commit suicide then. He broke into cold sweats.

Indeed, he was the fool. He was so fucked up that he didn’t think about borrowing his mum’s phone.

Why didn’t mum tell me? Mum you did not do well. Dave felt like crying.


At a certain home, a woman suddenly sneezed.

Who’s talking about me? I hope it’s not that talkative Chloe, Mrs Charlie thought.


Immediately, Dave opened the drawer near the bed and brought out a Bible. Julie stood up looking at him.

What is he doing? Does he think he can fool me? No way. Julie eyed him hesitantly. Dave took the Bible and knelt before Julie.

“I swear on my father’s grave Sunshine. Sincerely, I forgot that mum and sister have phones, it didn’t occur to me I swear. I was at mum’s. I’d never lie to you nor cheat on you on you. Never. The kiss prints are from my sister, I swear. I can call her to confirm. Believe me honey. What’s a relationship without trust? Don’t you trust me?” Dave sprouted everything that came to his head.

He didn’t think before saying everything he said. Julie looked at him confused. She never thought Dave would swear with a Bible. Like B I B L E. She looked at him for a while and replied.

“I trust you Dave, I do,” she whispered and broke into tears.

Dave stood up, placed the Bible on the drawer and drew Julie closer to him, her head on his right shoulder.

Dave patted her on her back. “I’m sorry baby, I truly am.” He pecked her on the forehead.

“I’m sorry too, Best,” Julie said between tears.
After petting Julie for a while, they both went into the bathroom to freshen up. After that, they went downstairs and ate.

“Babe, you know what…?” Dave suddenly spoke up while they were in the siiting room. Dave was sitting while Julie was lying on the couch her head on Dave’s laps.

“What durl?” Julie asked

“Let me take you somewhere,” Dave replied stroking her hair.

“Really?” Julie’s face lit up instantly. She looked up at Dave.

“Yeah, really.” Dave chuckled

“Go up and change,” Dave added.

Awww…I’ll be back in a jiffy.” Julie smiled gleefully.

“I’ll be waiting,” Dave chuckled.

After a while,Julie appeared downstairs ready for the outing.

“Ready?” Dave asked

“Ready.” Julie smiled angelically.

Awww, you look breathtaking baby, should we go upstairs?” Dave smirked.

Leeemeeejhuur.” Julie chuckled.

Dave took his car keys, and opened the door for Julie to go out.

“Ladies first.” Dae bowed.

Awwn, such a gentle man,” Julie remarked.
They both laughed, got into the car and drove out.

Read Part Five.

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