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Big Dream

The still voice of my mama kept resonating in my head.

“My son your future is bright. Don’t let anything distract you from your set goals. Be focused and impact your world.”

These words were avalanche of inspiration that spurred my relenting grip to succeed.
Everyday came with peculiar challenges. Though these challenges seem to sever dreams from the dreamers, yet I’ve learnt to believe in the process that makes a man.

When the morning cock crows and the sound of a lively day ensues with a new crescendo, the souls of men are ignited by the morning fresh air, a sign of life ready for new day. Then I got the fizz to go past yesterday without a dub of carelessness.

This is life where you dream big, plan big, think big but it still comes down to little details.

Most times it seems I’m filling an empty drum with large rocks instead of pebbles. Well the drum might get filled up easily and rapidly, but there’ll still be lacunae and empty spaces which gives room for insatiety.
Hence, I’ve learnt to start small, build on it, stay on course, pay attention to details, neglect nothing and keep learning everyday.

I’ve come to realize that big dreams are ant hills though built over time by insignificant moving ants, yet became a flamboyant monument that sets a landmark to all that pass by.

Dreams can be confusing especially when it is shrouded in hardworking with less results. This can be disheartening and discouraging but knowing that terabytes were formed by bytes, the strength to ride on still seems endless.

Being in the league of laity, serving humanity and having piety for deities cannot undo the wrong choices I have made before, but these mistakes have given me new lenses to see the real image of life and differentiate it from the visual images of life.

So I have learnt to day dream, with my eyes wide open. The path I took is of reality not fantasy. I can accomplish all that my heart is set to do, if only I can say, “Yes, I can,” for every little step I take.

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