Peer Pressure: Perils and Overcoming

Emerie was born (the only son) and raised in a devout Christian home. He was trained to be 5&6 with the ways of the Lord. His parents had thought of shielding him from the world full of evil. But he’s meant to live in the same world anyway.

Emerie was meticulously enrolled into kindergarten, primary and secondary schools owned by churches. And during the holidays, he wasn’t interacting with a good number of people as he was always indoors. He was being taken care of and prepared to be a good boy.

Emerie then made it into a Federal University. Finally, he was free from ever-ready prying eyes of the parents. He could now associate well with people. People of different backgrounds. Of course Emerie had this hunger for making friends. After all, it was impossible to go through university without having a clique.

Both good and bad companies came Emerie’s way. Predictably, he was unable to accept the good ones and shun the bad ones. It was as if he was on a tiny line between the land and sea; a case of whose pressure was more. Soon, the bad friends came and took him away.

Emerie was now getting acquainted with the ‘whatsups’. He started missing lectures due to oversleeping, a result of night clubbing. Emerie learnt smoking. I mean he got his first taste during Yetunde’s birthday party. His friends finally made a headway that day in coaxing him to have just a taste. He started drinking irresponsibly too. Womanizing became a story for another day.

On several cases, he smoked, got high and assaulted his male and female folks. He was losing it all. The decorum got lost. The respectful character got lost. Moral sagacity lost. What was remaining? Just a shadow of himself.

While he was spending a holiday at home, Emerie’s mum caught him smoking and drugging himself. She nearly fainted. Initially, she thought she was dreaming. Unbelievable! But the reality and her eyes couldn’t fail her. “How can my Emerie fail me?”

Emerie’s parents got mad at him. His mother threatened to stop giving him attention. His father threatened to disown him. Threatened not to sponsor his education. He had even overheard his mother telling his father that it would be better to channel their strength and resources to the younger ones. Emerie was plunged into darkness. He had lost his loving family. He was totally unable to decipher what to do or how to win his parents back. He knew he couldn’t stop the bad acts. Each time he tried to approach his parents, the worse he felt. He gave up. Thoughts of not being alive kept roaming on his mind. But it was too hard to die.

Fast forward to school resumption, Obinna had noticed that Emerie got worse as his face was full of despair. Inasmuch as Emerie tried to brighten up, Obinna managed to know that Emerie was dying inside. He was the only good friend Obinna was still riding with though occasionally. Emerie finally opened up to Obinna after series of the latter’s perseverance.

Obinna had to help a dying friend beat an addiction. He helped Emerie divert his time and energy into eating (mainly fruits) and sporting. Soon, the urge for the acquired bad habits began to die off. The time for the habits has been occupied by something else. Fortunately, Emerie was able to make it through.

He was able to overcome those bad habits. He was able to beat suicidal thoughts. He got back his normal self. He got back his family.


Say No to Peer Pressure. Is there any friend of yours that is getting lost like Emerie? Be his Obinna.

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