Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 12)

Continued from the last part…

Averill’s POV

I was really shocked when Nicole opened the bakery door and saw me in my prom dress, his jaw literary dropped.

“Sorry, we’re closed for the day,” Mum’s coworker said and went to see him out. He couldn’t even move, he just moped at me speechless. I blushed at his long hard stare.

He noticed how shy I was and quickly looked away. “Uhm, I did not know that the bakery was already closed for the day, that’s why I barged in not even ringing the bell. I’ll take my leave now,” he said staring at me.

He was on his way out when mum suddenly popped out of no where and said, “Cole Smith, is that you?” Mum asked.

“Yes, aunt,” he said, coming closer to my mom and pecking her.

“How you doing?”

“I’m great and you, aunt?”

“Well, as you can see, I’m totally alright.”

“Well, that’s good to hear.”

“So, how is your dad and his wife?” Mom asked sarcastically.

“Well, they are all right but they are still on their honeymoon trip.”

“Oh yeah, that’s true. I totally forgot all about it.”

“Well, its no problem aunt. I was actually on my way before you called me.”

“And where were you off to?”

“Well, I had come to the bakery to maybe have dinner, but I was told that you were closed for the day.”

“We closed rather earlier than expected today, but no worries, you could still join me and Averill at home for dinner.” Mum said with a smile.

“That would be a total bad idea!” I yelled stepping forward before I could stop myself.

“Why?” Mom asked as she and Cole stared at me with surprise written all over their faces.

“Well, uhm, maybe Cole wouldn’t feel comfortable having dinner with us.” I said trying to cover up my actually reason.


Mom’s POV

Averill was acting really strange and so was Cole. They both made me feel worried, they acted uneasy on our ride home and made. I really felt something was amiss all the way from the bakery to the house.

It didn’t take long before we arrived. “Make yourself at home, Cole,” I said as I headed upstairs to freshen up. Averill headed for the kitchen to get dinner ready, and Cole was left all alone in the living room.

I got undressed and stepped into the bathroom. I felt like I was in Paradise when I entered into the hot tub. Hmm, just what I really needed. I tried calming myself down and easing out my pains just like the doctor had directed me to. I had gone for checkup and the doctor had said I needed adequate rest due to the stress I engaged in every day. He advised that I read more and relax more often. I didn’t inform Averill about my illness and what the doctor had said because I knew she would be really worried and lose concentration because she will be putting me before any other thing.

Well, I just couldn’t help it and the stress was just too much. But if I didn’t work, there was no way I would be able to feed Averill and myself and cover all the house expenses. Being the only parent made matters worse, if Averill’s dad had been around, we would have been living quite a better life than this. But no, he decided to abandon his responsibilities and move to Florida to start a life without us. How I wish I could possibly turn back the hands of time, I would gladly do so. I wish I could have given Averill quite a better life than this.


Cole’s POV

I really felt so damn lonely and strange being all alone. I could clearly hear the sound of kitchen utensils which were bring used or mistakenly touched, the environment was quite new and strange. Sitting all alone in the not too huge living room made my tummy growl and my head ache.

Man! what’s really happening to me? I mean, really happening to me. I have been feeling strange lately. Maybe it’s because of dad’s upcoming wedding.

I just wished he had seen reasons with me for not getting married again, but he didn’t. He just decided to get married on the false basis of giving me a mum. Sometimes, I wonder if he had married for my sake or for his own selfish gain. I couldn’t even picture the idea of calling Mia my mom. Though I hardly know my real mom or who she was because she had died and dad had burned all photos of her long ago before I could even walk. And when I try to think of my mum, the first person who comes on my mind is that witch, Mia who pretends to be an angel
but is nothing more than a hypocrite.

My life just felt stupid and complicated.
Stretching , I stood up and walked towards the kitchen door. I wanted to at least tell Averill that maybe I could help in the kitchen because I felt really bored all alone in the living room.

When I came in, Averill was busy by the sink washing the dishes. She noticed my presence and turned. “Hey Cole.”

“Uhm, can I perhaps help you with something?” she said real quick.

“Uhm, its just that I felt so lonely in the living room, so I decided to come tell you that maybe I should come help out,” I said.

“Wow Cole, it’d be totally wrong if you were to help with kitchen stuff and besides, you’re my guest…”

I didn’t allow to finish before I cut in, “Come on, Averill, I know I maybe a guest and all but..” I couldn’t complete my sentence as Averill screamed and jumped on me. Luckily, I caught her in time.

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