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In Her Mocassin (Part 3)

Continued from the last part…

“Bye mum. Have a nice day,” Nicole and I chorused as we alighted in front of our school from our mum’s convertible. Though Glistering High is only a few blocks from our house, mum always insisted on driving us there.

You know how rich parents can be.

“Bye girls,” Mum replied as she pulled out of the parking lot and headed for her very famous boutique plus salon. Nicole glanced around at other cars which were dropping off other students. She was obviously searching for Nora.

On spotting Nora alighting from her mum’s highlander, I called Nicole’s attention to her and we both walked over to meet her.

“Good morning Mrs Raymond,” we greeted.

“Morning dears. How are you?”

“We’re fine.”

“Alright. Off you go. Have a nice day you three.”

“We will,” we chorused.

“Hi Nora,” I said, turning to Nora.

“Hi Nicole and Nicola.”

At that moment, the bell rang and we walked into the gates of our wonderful school.

Glistering High is truly as its name goes— glistering. Its compound is decorated with various beautiful flowers. It also has a very splendid fountain at the very center of the school. The water in the fountain is very clear to the extent that whenever the sun is shining, its droplets reflects the colours of the rainbow. Students do joke that it is because of this fountain’s glistering droplets that the school was named Glistering High.

Glistering High consists of all the necessary laboratories with all the necessary equipments, an extra large library and comfortable staffrooms. Each staffroom and classroom is equipped with a toilet and a bathroom.

There’s also a gymnasium and a cafeteria which are both large enough to accommodate a whole country.

Alright I’m over exaggerating, but they sure are large.

The main feature of this school is that it is a single sex female only school. Another feature of this wonderful school is that it’s not just a school for anyone to attend.

And by anyone, I mean the poor. This is because of its extremely huge school fees.
So nobodies, that is, the lower class can’t attend it.

We quickly ran upstairs, dropped our bags in our lockers and ran to the auditorium where the assembly was being held.

After the normal prayers and bla bla bla, it was time for announcement.

Mr. Williams Richmond, a.k.a, Potty, our potbellied principal mounted the podium.

“Hello everyone. The SYTADS form would come out next month. So if you are interested in performing, make sure you purchase, fill and submit yours on time. Is that clear?”

“Yes!” was the excited answer he received.

“Assembly dismissed. Eight grade wait behind.”

There were grumblings and murmurings as he said that.

“Quiet!”Mr Richmond thundered. Everywhere became silent as everyone feared Mr. Richmond who was a no-nonsense man. But that didn’t stop us from giving him the nickname, Potty.

When the other students had gone, leaving the eight grade behind, Mr. Richmond began,
“There’s a new student who’ll be joining us today.” He paused in order to see our reactions.

I rolled my eyes as I thought “A new girl at the middle of the section?” I shook my head.

This can’t be good…

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