I’m a Soldier

I’m a soldier,
in a daily battle,
combating self little by little
to conquer the pride within so brutal
and hold captive my monstrous desires that rattle.

I’m a soldier,
at war with self terror,
an enemy that implants error;
but now I see the truth in the mirror.

I’m a soldier,
my instinct is my arsenal,
my enemy is very internal.
This war is more eternal,
but victory is assured in my annals.

I’m a soldier,
dying to self is my call,
self must be caged lest I fall.
I must bring down the selfish wall,
that have tailed me with a skull.

I’m a soldier,
my soul is my country,
ruled by self a ruthless tyrant.
I am willing to die for my country,
to give her a future so vibrant.

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