The Hidden Truth (Part 4)

Continued from the last part…

Dennis’ POV

l left my friends at the gate. I needed to meet the principal and I promised to catch up with them later. I was rushing towards the principal’s office when a message popped up into my phone. I brought out the phone out of my pocket to check the sender when a girl bumped into me, she turned immediately and I stood transfixed looking at her. I was wowed at the beauty before me that I almost forgot my mouth was open. She’s fair, cute eyes, pointed nose, well shaped, her hair was so long that I almost wondered if she’s my guardian angel. In fact, I’ve not met such beauty in my life.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t aware someone was behind me,” she apologized. Now here comes her angelic voice, she was talking and talking but I couldn’t hear all she said, I just stared at her cute little mouth. She tapped me and I immediately got back to my senses. “Are you okay?” she asked me.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” I said avoiding her gaze. I focused on her hand and noticed she was with my phone. Oh stupid me, I forgot my phone fell immediately she bumped into me. I smiled and collected my phone and checked it, there was just a scratch on the screen, I would replace it anyway.

“Are you new around here?” I asked quietly.

“Yes, I am and I don’t know my way around here. I’m supposed to go to the principal’s office,” she quipped.

Huh, is she kinda asking for my help? I wondered to myself. “I’m actually heading to the principal’s office so you could tag along,” I said brightly to her.

“I would be grateful,” she said smiling but not without showing me her dimples. Aww, she even looks more cute with it.

This girl is driving me nuts with just a smile. No girl has ever made me crazy except one, I rather not talk about her, I frowned. We headed to the principal’s office. I went in and she joined too.

“Good morning, Mrs. James,” I greeted the principal who was busy typing on her laptop. A girl was arranging some books at the shelf too—ooh Ann. she just hates me so much. She didn’t even smile at me.

“Yes Dennis, have you completed the form?” she asked still typing.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered wondering how she knew I was the person before her.

“Where is Dave?” she asked me now looking up.

“He’s not feeling well,” I answered confidently.

“That’s just an excuse, you know,” she said collecting the form and going through it. “You may leave,” she commanded and I left but not before winking at Ann. she just stuck out her tongue, making me laugh.

I rushed out of the principal’s office and headed to the football pitch where others were waiting for me, we left together to the class. Dave excused himself to go ease himself, we went into the class and the girls were drooling as usual. I’m already used to them, so I just ignored them and sat down, brought my phone and ear piece out and put on one of my favourite country music .

Ava’s POV

I excused myself to go use the loo, the girl directed me to one of the buildings, this school is surely big, how can just restrooms occupy an entire building? I better not lose my way around here. Due to the fact that I was so pressed, I rushed into the building, went upstairs and could see the toilets on one side and the bathrooms on the other. I pushed the first door, it was locked, the second, the same thing. I groaned angrily. What type of rubbish is this? Must I keep pushing before I get to relieve myself? They shouldn’t have opened the building, it’s of no use I ran towards the end and pushed one, luckily, it was open, I rushed inside and what I saw left me speechless. A boy was making out with a girl inside the toilet. They didn’t see me and I shouted to get their attention. I looked at them in disgust as they stared at me. I went in, dragged them out and closed the door. I eased up feeling released and comfortable. I flushed the toilet and got out, washed my hands and went towards the mirror checking myself out.

Someone grabbed me from behind, I looked at his reflection in the mirror immediately. It was the boy earlier. I turned angrily. “Are you insane?” I asked visibly angry.

“What?” he shouted, maybe the question didn’t get well to him.

“Are you insane?” I asked now shouting.

“Do you know what you just spoilt? Now you’re gonna continue from where she stopped.”

“What are you saying?” I asked confused.

“You don’t understand? Are you just dumb or are you deaf? I said you spoilt the fun and you will continue from where she stopped.”

I covered my mouth in awe, this boy is really crazy. I looked around and couldn’t see his partner, she must have left, fools. I groaned loudly. “Will you get your hands off me before I smash your brain into pieces?” I shouted.

“Like seriously? Alright, I get it. You are one of the stubborn girls I like dealing with. I know what to do,” he said dragging me in. I started struggling to free myself but he was way stronger. I had no choice but to use my teeth. I put my teeth into the hand he used in holding me and bit him. He shouted immediately and released me rubbing his wrist. I grabbed the opportunity and ran away immediately.

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