Girl Child Nightmare

Little girl child was so naive
Never wanted to be like Eve
The silence in the hollow
Speaks how her heart felt.
Not allowing the prey taste the stem
Was her mouth’s deep little pray.

Tic-tok! Tic-tok!
Her heartbeat can be heard
Not voiced out she was scared
But companions accused her of being timid
They all wanted her to become the team lead
Tears pour out like an ocean
Big oakwood can’t contend with her heartache

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Her heart keeps beating fast
Oh! Deceived on how to get fame fast
Never knew she was about to get cast
Friends and foes were making it fast
But girl child never wanted to carry last
How painful it was
How sorrowful it cost
Not pleasurable to the core
Though the prey admits it was amiable
But girl child knew it wasn’t enjoyable

Quack! Quack! Quack!
Sad sound heard from afar
It downed on girl child
Eyes wide woken to reality
Tears dripped like the river Nile
Heart judging like the tickling pin
The deed was done
Girl child lost her pride and virtue

Virginity was lost, the shame was worst
Wish she knew that she will cry on her knees
It was late, self hate is what she ate
This was a big regret for girl child
For she lost it in her worst nightmare.

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4 thoughts on “Girl Child Nightmare

  1. wow, I almost cried.
    y’all just know she is my roomie and greatness attracts greatness. babe, I know you can do better, just keep writing and you will be better than the first few days. I know you are going places dear.
    beautiful right up.

  2. This is beautiful. The tragedy of paedophiles has destroyed the innocent hearts of many children. Ladden with the deepest emotions. Keep it Rosemary

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