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Entrusted (Episode Three)

Continued from the last part…

“Why, you need to be fast about it so that he can start that job as soon as possible. Only when he starts that job will I acknowledge him as your boyfriend and introduce him to friends. For now, he’s just a street boy,” Mr Adams replied.

“Whatever, dad,” Julie looked at the time and saw that it was far spent. “I have to leave now dad, it’s getting late.” She stood up and pecked her father on the cheek.

“You are not sleeping over?” Mr Adams asked.

“No, maybe some other time,” she replied.

Even though there were many rooms in her father’s mansion, Julie chose to live alone. She lived in one of her father’s houses alone with no guards.

“Okay. Will you have one of the guards drive you home?” Mr Adams asked. Even though he knew what the answer would be, he still asked anyway. He always asked.

“No Dad.” Julie rolled her eyes. “I’m old enough to take care of myself.” With that, Julie headed for the stairs.

When she got to the landing, she stopped as though she remembered something, then she turned around to face her father. “And dad?” she called.

“Yes?” Mr. Adams replied with his brows scrunched up.

“Dave, that is, my boyfriend, is not a street boy.” She pursed her lips.

“Whatever,” Mr Adams scoffed.

“Bye dad.” Julie turned around again.

“Bye daughter,” Mr. Adams laughed.

Immediately Julie got downstairs, she got into her car and drove out. She took her phone from her bag and dialed Dave’s number, it was switched off . She decided to surprise him, she headed for his house.


After they both made love earlier that morning, they slept for a while. Around 12:30 PM, Julie drove out to meet up with one of her father’s clients for a deal. After that, she drove off to her father’s mansion to talk about the deal she had struck with the client.

Back at Dave’s apartment, after he woke up and read the note Julie left him, he dressed up, went downstairs to eat. After a while, he was bored so he took his phone and played games. After playing Candy Crush for about thirty minutes, his battery went flat. There was no electricity so he decided to go pay a visit to his mum and sister.

Meanwhile, the two idiotic siblings were currently laughing their asses out. After they had dinner, Dave and Chloe decided to watch the TV while their mum went back to her room to do some things.

“God! This guy is so funny,” Dave said amidst laughter.

“I know right?” Chloe smiled.

Immediately their mum walked into the sitting room, power was withdrawn.

“Mum! You took off the light!” Chloe yelled.

“Whatever, it’s not like I called their office and told them to withdraw the power.” Mrs. Charlie rolled her eyes. “That’s a cue for you to pick your ass off of that sofa and go to bed!” she snapped.

“Whatever,” Chloe grunted as she switched on the lamp.

Mrs. Charlie moved to sit next to Dave who had been laughing since their mother came into the sitting room. “Dave how’s work?” Mrs. Charlie asked.

“Fine mum, just the norms,” Dave replied catching his breath.

“And Julie? How’s she?” she asked.

“Fi…” Wait, What?…Did she just say Julie? Like almighty Julie? God! Dave’s in a deep shit! He knew he’s fucked up!


Speaking of ‘almighty’ Julie, Dave remembered that since she left the house, he hadn’t called her. He also remembered that his darling girlfriend can be very dangerous when annoyed. Then he remembered that not being in touch with her is one of the things that annoyed her. That’s when he knew he was in a deeper shit.

With that, he searched for his phone in his pocket. He tried switching it on but the phone only vibrated. His face was getiting blacker and blacker with his every move. His mum and sister just kept looking at him like he was sort of crazy.

“Dave? Are you okay?” Mrs. Charlie asked with a wierd look.

Dave didn’t even reply his mum. He kept racking his brain for what to to. It was bad enough that his phone was dead but even worse was the fact that there’s was no electricity.

Then something flashed through his mind, ‘generator’. Oh where was my brain before! He thought. He smiled then made a move to walk out of the sitting room.

“Dave, where are you going?” Chloe asked him looking bewildered.

“To the backyard. I want to go and switch on the generator,” he replied happily.

Mrs. Charlie and Chloe exchanged puzzled looks.

“One, that’s not the way to the backyard, that’s the way to the kitchen for Christ sake.” Chloe face-palmed herself. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked.

“Oh thanks, the lamp’s not bright that’s why I’m not seeing clearly,” Dave replied.

He turned back to the right and headed for the back door that led directly to the backyard.

“Wait! I’m not done talking!” Chloe screamed.

Dave didn’t stop, he kept walking. After opening the back door, he hastily walked over to where the generator was kept. He tried turning it on like five times but to no avail.

He thought for some seconds then opened the fuel tank. “No fucking petrol!” His face turned black instantly. “Why is life so unfair to me?” He broke into sweat.

After standing at the backyard for some minutes, thinking about what to do, he dragged his feet back into the house. “Why didn’t you tell me there was no fuel in the generator?” he asked Chloe immediately he got to the sitting room.

“Well, I was going to say, two, there’s no fuel in the generator’ but you disappeared before I could open my mouth,” Chloe snapped.

Dave hit his head with his left hand. “Shit,” he mumbled.

His mum who had been looking at him since he started the whole drama, stood up and headed for her room. “Good night, Chloe.” She yawned. “Dave, when you’re done with your drama, go to bed.” She faced Dave and rolled her eyes.

“Night mum.” Chloe stood up too and headed for her room. She stopped in her tracks, turned to Dave and laughed. She then turned back and skipped to her room.

Dave stood transfixed on a spot. He didn’t know what to do. He paced around for a bit and sat down after a while. He was sweating profusely like he had been exercising.

After a while, he stood up and headed for the room opposite his mum’s and next to Chloe’s. He lay on the bed and kept rolling around.


After driving for a while, Julie got to Dave’s apartment and found the gate locked. She was taken aback. Of course she had a spare key. She walked to her car, took the key and unlocked the gate. After she drove in, she closed the gate, got her bag from the car and walked into the house.

Where the hell is he? she thought. She dialed his number again, but it was still switched off. He’ll come and meet here tomorrow, she smirked.


After thinking very hard, he got up from the bed, got out of the room. He barged into Chloe’s room without knocking. “Where can I get fuel around here?” he asked Chloe who was fast asleep. After waiting for some seconds without reply, he called her name. “Chloe? Chloe?” He patted her.

“What?” Chloe groaned. “Can’t you see that I’m having my beauty sleep?” she asked, annoyed.

“Sorry, where can I get fuel around here?” Dave asked again.

Chloe who was still half-asleep woke up instantly. “Wait, what? Like you wanna get it now?” she asked with her brows furrowed.

“Yeah,” Dave replied hesitantly.

Chloe checked the time. Shoot! It was twelve midnight. “It’s twelve Dave, you can’t get fuel now. Wait till dawn!” she exclaimed irritably.

Dave stood still like an idiot and after a while, he walked out of Chloe’s room and shut the door.

“You’re welcome,” Chloe yelled after him.


After thinking so hard, Dave got into the bathroom around two in the morning and took a shower. After taking a shower, he was able to sleep for a while.

Immediately it was 7 AM, he woke up, put on his shirt, took his car keys and rushed out of the room. His mum was already awake and was preparing breakfast. He rushed into the kitchen.

“Morning mum,” Dave hastily greeted.

“Morning son,” Mrs Charlie replied. Immediately she turned to face him, she shrieked. “Jesus! Dave didn’t you sleep last night?” she asked.

“I did, mum,” Dave replied, looking so horrible. “Mum, I have to get going,” he added.

“What? You are not going to stay for breakfast?” Mrs. Charlie who was yet to get over his aghast look was taken aback immediately.

“No mum, some other time,” he replied walking out of the kitchen. Mrs. Charlie just watched him go with her mouth open.

Immediately Dave walked out of the kitchen, Chloe rushed out of her room and stood before him. Not this devil again! Dave groaned inwardly.

“Morning Chloe, whatever it is that you have to say, let it wait till some other time,” he spoke up before she could say anything.

“Aww, dear lovely brother, I’ll be hitching a ride with you to school.” Chloe smiled gleefully.

“Aargh, I’m late!” Dave yelled irritatedly. Dave brought out his wallet from his back pocket and handed all the money in it to Chloe without counting it. “There!” Dave sighed.

“Awwn, I always knew you were the perfect brother for me.” Chloe gleefully said. She jumped and pecked Dave on each sides of his cheeks then she hugged him tightly, her hands around his waist.

“Okay, okay. That’s enough. Whatever. I have to get going.” Dave broke the hug and rushed out.

“Bye mum.” Chloe also skipped out without having her breakfast with her bag on her left arm.

“Are you not going to eat too?” her mum asked.

“Nah, when I get back mum.” Chloe jammed the door.

“It’ll get cold!” Mrs. Charlie yelled but it was already too late, Chloe was out of earshot.

“So my two kids ditched me…so sad,” Mrs Charlie pouted.


Dave kept speeding and overtaking vehicles carelessly. Some of the other drivers hurled abuses at him while some just ignored him. After driving for a while, he got to his apartment. He got down to open the gate and found out it was already open.

The she-devil’s here. He was in the deepest shit.

He opened the gate and drove in. After sitting in the car for fifteen minutes, thinking about what his fate was going to be like, he got out of the car and dragged his feet to the door that led inside the house. He stood at the door for another twenty minutes fidgeting. After making the cross sign three times, he silently creaked open the door, removed his slippers from his feet and sneaked into the house.

“Where are you coming from?”

The question struck Dave like lightning. He immediately stopped in his tracks. I’m in the deeperest shit! He immediately broke into cold sweat.

“Have you suddenly gone deaf?” Julie who was seated cross-legged on the sofa with her back facing Dave asked again. She slowly stood up to face Dave. Immediately she stood up, what she saw made her legs weak. Her eyes got blurry with tears. “Dave why? Why?” Her heart sank.She dug her fingers deep into her palm. “Where are you coming from Dave?” she whispered.

“I can explain babe,” Dave whispered.

“Explain what?! How you cheated on me or what!” Julie yelled angrily at him.

“God! Jewel it’s not like that, I swear,” Dave replied calmly.

“It’s like what Dave? Like what?” Julie yelled.

“Chill, relax, Let me explain.” Dave made a move to touch her but stopped cause he knew she wouldn’t let him touch her.

“Okay, I’m all ears,” Julie scoffed.

“Sunshine…” Dave started but was cut short by Julie.

“Don’t you fucking ‘Sunshine’ me, fucking Dave Charlie!” Julie flared up. “Dont! I trusted you Dave. I clothed you, housed you, fed you and you repay me with this?” She broke into tears. “This?!” she yelled.

Dave looked at her in a confused manner.
“Repay with what?” He looked at her like she was sick.

“Oh, now I’m crazy, right? I’m crazy?” Julie yelled again. “You are fucking driving me insane!” With that, she ran upstairs sobbing.

Dave stood on the same spot he was since he heard “Where are you coming from?” He wasn’t expecting this. After a while, he ran up the stairs.

Read Part Four.

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