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Bad Ass in Love (Episode One)

Anita’s POV

Ever wished you had scars that would make you ugly? Ever wished you had a way to set things right?

Well I always wished also. But they were just wishes.

Sorry for the late introduction, my name’s Anita Jones. I’m a college graduate and I’m currently looking forward to getting a good job to keep the family going. I’m the only child of my parents.

Today, I’m going for an interview! I’ve finally gotten the chance to go to Bryan Cooperative!

I slipped out of my night clothes and rushed to my bathroom. I applied a peel of toothpaste on my brush and brushed my teeth. Minutes later, I was through. I turned on the shower and water dripped down from my shoulder down to my whole body tickling me.

Minutes later, I was through with my bathing. I rushed to the kitchen and prepared breakfast.

“Look who’s gonna start working soon,” my mum’s voice rang from the door.

“Oh ma, I’m twenty-one. Gotta get something doing,” I said and untied my apron.

“Sure, baby. Ain’t angry just…just that I’m having a bad feeling about your job. You know, I think we should go to your cousin’s wedding together. Your Uncle Mike will be there,” my mum said as she drew closer to me.

I held her hands and smiled a bit. “I’ll be fine ma,” I said. “Come on ma, I prepared mashed eggs and cheese. You’d like it,” I said smiled.

Minutes later, I ate my breakfast and took my hand bag and my curriculum vitae (C.V),
I took my parents’ blessings and took off.

I boarded a taxi and minutes later, there stood the magnificent Bryan Cooperative.
The building was just so imposing.

“Make sure not to trip when you get in,” a male voice said and snapped me out of my thoughts. “John Einstein,” he said with a smile and stretched his hand forward.

“I’m Anita, Anita Jones,” I said and shook his hand.

“Gotta go, girl. See you inside,” he said and left.

“Sure,” I said and nodding my head.

I walked inside the building and made sure I made sure I didn’t trip. I went into the lobby where a smartly dressed receptionist helped me sign in and showed me where to sit as I awaited my turn. I sat for some minutes before my name was called.

“Anita Jones?” I heard a voice from the director’s door.

I turned. “Yes. I am,” I replied.

“Good. You’re next,” he said and slammed the door.

I took a deep breath and sighed. God help me, I prayed in my mind and took my file.

I knocked on the door. “Come in,” a voice said and I went in.

I saw a young man seated at the desk. He seemed lost when he saw me. He kept his mouth agape staring at me.

Bob’s POV

The moment she stepped into my office, it seemed my brain had been formatted. I felt an instant hard on. She was so damn hot!

Who knows if she’s a mermaid? Nah, she can’t be one. Even if she is, Bob Bryan gets every chick he wants.

“Good morning, sir,” she greeted blinking her beautiful blue eyes.

“Please have a seat,” I said and stood up from my chair and helped her sit. I sat on my table smiling at her.

“My name is Anita Jon…”

“Anita Jones, twenty-one years,” I said interrupting her with a grin.

“I graduated from St. Joseph’s College. Here’s my file,” she said.

“I’ll give you the job if you do what I want you to do,” I said.

“I’m willing to work hard to secure the job,” she said with a bright face.

I whispered what I wanted into her ears.
She stood up took her file looked at me and smiled.

“How’s that?” I asked expecting a positive answer.

She walked close to me, slapped me and made to run. I held her hand and drew her closer to me. She kicked me hard and I fell down. I groaned and watched her run out of the office.

Anita’s POV

What was the essence of having a job if I don’t get it in a genuine way? Tears streamed down my cheeks as I ran out of the company’s premises.

People watched me and I’m sure they wondered amongst themselves, could she be mad? What could have happened to her? Did she steal from someone? I came to a halt as the cops pulled over.

“NYPD! Raise your hands and remain silent!” they announced.

I couldn’t move, I was stranded. What could I have done? Did Bob Bryan die from the kick?
Oh no!

Read Part Two.

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