Sensual Diet

On her bed as the venue,
they both made a sex menu
spicy touching
and juicy kissing…

For breakfast,
in the morning sex
it was sensual and fast;
with dancing breasts
and climbing hips.

For lunch,
sex was still snappy
but each left very happy.
his tongue rolling on her body,
as she moan in ecstasy.

Dinner time presents
a rare avenue
to explore each other very well,
it started with a rhythm that swelled;
making both to want each other.

Dessert was served in the bathroom;
with relentless moves
and slaying grooves.
“This was fun,” she said
as he made her tomatoes red.

Each round ended with a climax;
in satiety he spread his juicy wax.
And like a routine diet,
sweet sex made them both quiet.

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