Our Usual Spot

The tree at the outskirts of the town
Is where we displayed our sports of love to each other
That was where he learnt how to plait my hair
That was the place we saw Love’s eyes staring us in the face smiling sheepishly
We saw each other’s back and whimper, Love’s beat accentuating our waist
We day dreamed as usual into the dark clouds
It was there we saw the full moon and with an open mind we told the stories of our
It was there I learnt tricks that men used to win us and we laughed so hard about it
We played Ayo game with bets of the loser kisses as punishment
We remembered the road that led to canaan’s shores with milks and honey we ate nature’s free gift without shame
It was there I vowed to seal my eternity with my betrothed! Just last week they cut our life down
The vows we made to each other was sealed with grasses, leaves, kisses and trees
But we came to our usual spot today with high hopes of a better look away from the world
But we met our fate cut down with the hewned tree
The coconut that held our love has been broken
The pot that housed the waters of our love spilled
He has now forgotten all our dreams and aspirations

How could he forget them to with a fallen tree?
How could I come to his house yesterday and see him with a loosed maid?
Could he have forgotten that I said even if the tree was down he would forever be in my heart?
Could he have done all those things, but not from his heart?
These things I looked at and sighed
Went to the backyard of our house and went, naked into the night
The the messenger of the gods saw my body
And with pity flew across my house.

My usual spot is now with clothes and baskets and peebles
Mending the brokenness of my quail heart
I heard his own spot is now among drunkards
Washing his throbbing heart with palmie and Ogogoro
With our usual spot laid down the road
And soon he will be coming with a bride, a friend of mine
And I’m sewing for his bride, although this I’m doing with my own size
So that peradventure the gods will change the tides and he will look on me again!

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  1. I love how this poem transformed from
    “Come, my Celia,
    Let us prove while we may
    The sports of love
    To Sonnet 42.

    Phillips, you’ve done it again.😍

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