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On Depression

Yes! Depression, this wasn’t here before. Now it’s gradually creeping in, and it’s getting worse by the day. No one seems to care about it, no one seems to be talking too much about it, it appears on the screen of the television and that of your phones and that’s it. It’s been neglected but soon we will see the worst of it. You might not know what or how it feels, trust me, it’s the worst feeling, its worse than the sting of a scorpion.

It’s painful, for you will feel rejected, you will feel worthless, useless, and lonely, you will lose interest in lots of things, things you used to love before, you start feeling sad always, and you will feel isolated. All you will want to do is to end it all already, you would no longer enjoy life, you will see life as a waste place to be, although you don’t know where you will go to after your demise, you will just want to end it. SUICIDE! SUICIDE! SUICIDE!

That’s what you will be hearing inside your head. End it now, stop it! Would you like to continue living in misery? Would you like to be a failure forever? Why are you stressing yourself? Why won’t you just end it now and have peace inside of you? Don’t you know that the only solution to your problem is SUICIDE?

The above words are the voices you will continue hearing every day, till the day you are rescued or the day you decide to “END IT ALL,” as the voice said.

Let me tell you, there is a spirit behind it, Oh Yes! There is a spirit behind it. It comes slowly in your head and keeps giving you reasons why you should feel that way (depressed), some are too weak and won’t have the strength, nor the grace to overcome it. It’s very bad because, at that point of feeling depressed, they won’t trust anyone to share their feelings, it will only take a very good friend or relation and a close one at that to discover what is happening, It makes you go completely mum.

Depression, comes when you start thinking or feeling you are a failure, either failing in your exams, job, relationship, marriage, family, even life itself. That is when that feeling will start developing, you will think it’s just nothing, but soon when it eats you all up you won’t be able to go back to your normal life.

How I hate that word, but it’s unfortunate that some of the people with it, inherited it, it’s also biological and not just a social disease or mental disorder. Depression is a mental disorder, it’s a mental illness, that has been the cause of many deaths recently, you look up the internet and hope to see news about your celebrity or about the latest happenings in town, you will end up seeing a young person making the headlines with COMMITTED SUICIDE OUT OF DEPRESSION.

I feel very bad when I see people dying because they no longer feel loved because they feel they are a failure, they feel they don’t have a bright future ahead. Some might be because they see their friends on social media showing off what they got (some are very fake), but because that person is of the same age with you, you will feel that you won’t be able to make it again. That’s when Mr. Depression sets in and starts welcoming itself inside of you. Some people have this disorder because they fail to understand this life and the world we live in, they forget everything about the saying that WE ALL HAVE ONE LIFE AND I MUST NOT BE LIKE OTHERS, I HAVE TO LOVE MYSELF FIRST BEFORE ANY OTHER PERSON.

Believe me, when we start loving ourselves, when ME, I, MYSELF starts being the first person you love, you will see that it will be difficult for that spirit or Mr. Depression to take hold of you, even if it’s biological.

I will stop here for the meantime, but here is a solution or a task I want you to accomplish, please from today onwards, make sure you always try to put a smile on someone’s face, avoid saying bad and mean words to people, resist from judging people because we all have different battles, and no one is perfect, visit that friend who always likes staying indoors, always pray for those who the spirit or Mr. Depression has already eaten up or taken all over them, and for those who are already suffering from this disorder, please I beg you speak up, look for someone to confide in, I know that some people might have betrayed your trust but trust me everybody is not the same there are good people out there, please encourage them to tell you things, and when they do, please and please don’t betray that trust. Let’s work together and help others.


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