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Nma (Part 22—Final Part)

Continued from the last part…

I sat in the dark motionlessly, memories of my childhood, teen hood, in fact my entire life replayed, it was hell as it was sweet. Finally the darkness faded away, I found myself in a room that looks like a hospital? I looked at the girl on the bed, is that me? I looked at the doctor who was talking to a man, he looks horrible. Oh my God! That’s Ted! Lina sat down glaring at sad Leon, while Allen held her down as if she would bolt away from his hold and slit Leon’s throat

“I’m sorry, but that’s the only way we can keep her alive much longer, her body can’t take the pressure of another life in her,” the doctor who I know to be Ted’s friend Wendell said sorrowfully.

‘Wendell please, you can’t let that happen, I can’t willingly abort my own child,” Ted pleaded already crying. Child? Me?

“I’m sorry, Ted, it’s the only way to keep her alive much longer,” he said sadly, Ted fell on his knees and wept badly, Lina sprang to her feet.

“You stupid modern day idiot! This is all your fault!” she roared.

“Lina please calm down, the baby…” Allen tried to mollify her.

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down! I’ve always warned him about his habit of reacting before thinking, but he wouldn’t listen, I just got my sister back and now this completely understood idiot just sent her into a three months coma, and now her baby is going to be aborted. Should I be happy with him? Should I say ‘Hey Napoleon, you did a good job killing our sister, do you want a pat on the back?’ ” she shouted.

” Relax Lina, the baby isn’t that strong,” Wendell warned, the room turned dark again and I could hear shouts.

“Wendell what’s happening to her?”
“Wendell do something.”

Then it all ended, I was alone once more in the dark but this time a greater force was pulling me into a darker place, the place turned into a beautiful flower path, I walked closer to it, but then a boy appeared with a frown.


“Nma go back now,” he said stridently, I looked back at the path I was coming from, it was dark and scary. “Don’t let that deceive you, your time is yet to come, go back,” he shouted. “Now!”

I ran back, as I ran deeper, I could see a light, I ran into it, and everything was black again, but I could hear a voice.

“Akeelah please don’t do this to me, I can’t lose you too.”

“Ted?” I sneezed.

“She sneezed!” Lina exclaimed, then I passed out again.

Five days later…

I’ve been up for days now, it turns out that the accident sent me into a three months coma. I don’t blame it sha, the vase heavy die. Whenever I’m sick, I only eat three foods and they don’t know that because I can’t talk, Wendell said I’ll talk soon enough.

“Come on Keelah, just eat something so you can take your drugs,” Ted said pleadingly, I shook my head negatively. “God,” he groaned, the door opened and Tama and Dara walked in with Jerrod and Jeff.

“Mantie Lily,” Jeff squealed, this boy don big o. He ran to the bed and struggled to climb up, I chuckled.

“Nma baby,” Tama said excitedly as she walked to me, she hugged me with Dara too. “Sorry we are late, I know you haven’t eaten a thing so I brought all the ingredients for your sick week food,” she smiled staring at Jeff who was still struggling.

Thank God! She tugged her hands into the big polythene bag and brought out two containers, she opened them and dished out the hot pepper soup and vegetable soup, my stomach growled.

” Someone’s hungry,” Dara teased dropping a plate of cabbage salad.

“What about me?” Jeff whined breathing heavily, Jerrod laughed.

“Will she be able to eat this?” Ted asked seriously, they nodded. Tama fed me while Dara ranted about how beautiful USA was. Finally done with my pepper soup, Dara turned to get the salad, but alas, it was GONE. Ted and Jeff were at the very end of the room, Jeff licking the plate of an already finished vegetable soup and Ted almost done with the cabbage salad.

“Jefferson!” Atama screamed.

“Ted,” Dara groaned, they both froze, Jeff’s tongue still on the plate, he rolled his eyes and turned his back to her, while Ted smiled boyishly.

I smiled, I would have missed this, I’m just grateful to be here, to be able to see everyone again, all smiling and showing me love, to see him eat my food and pester me again, being alive is worth it.

“Jeff, give me that plate,” Tama said sternly, he rolled his eyes, dropped it on the floor, snatched the cabbage salad from Ted and ran under the bed, I laughed out for the first time since I woke up, Jeff is still his old self, even worse.

“So what are you going to do about the baby?” Dara whispered.

“Father of the baby sitting right here mourning his salad,” Ted shouted waving his hand, I smiled and Tama wiggled her eyebrows at me with an ‘You enjoy am shebi?’ look, at least that’s what I read from the look on her face.

“Shut up,” I said lowly, Ted gasped.

“She talked! You talked!” he squealed and ran to me. “Speak again.”

“Don’t force her,” Wendell said calmly. When did he get here and where is Jerrod? He waked closer to me and did some few checking. “She’s be fine now.,”‘ he said with a gleeful smile.

“Finally! I can…” Ted halted his statement and looked down. “Aw mehn! My new jeans!” he exclaimed, I looked down and saw Jeff wiping his hands and mouth on Ted’s jeans.
We burst into laughter, he crawled out with the plate and gave it back to nettled Ted. “Thank you for the food,” he smiled innocently and we laughed again.


I was alone in my ward thinking about my life when Leon walked in pathetically.

“Hi,” he said awkwardly.

“And that’s how you greet your back-from-the-dead sister?” I said jokingly, I can talk well now.

“Akeelah, I’m very sorry, I know I overreacted, but then I was heartbroken and betrayed, I didn’t know what to do, that’s why I returned earlier, I just wanted to talk to Ted and hug you,” he sobbed.

I sat up properly. “Napoleon, what happened?” I asked with concern, he walked to the bed and sat down.

“You know I told you that things weren’t walking out between Amy and I, right!?” I nodded. “I also told you that was madly in love with my female best friend Cherry?”

“Yes, you did, what happened?”

“I finished up the shoot earlier so I decided to stop by at Amy’s in Washington, she was doing business there, at least that was what I thought. But she was in bed with my friend Ethan, I was hurt, but not that hurt so I can back here as a surprise but decided to stop by at Cherry’s, but alas, there she was with another guy, I was hurt and shattered; then when I saw you in bed with Ted, I lost it, I’m sorry,” he wailed, I hugged him tightly.

“Why is my love life so messed up?”

“Because you won’t listen to reason, didn’t I warn you about Amy!” Lina’s voice said pitifully, I didn’t even notice that she was there. She walked to us and sat down gently. “Leon, you are too desperate to find love and that always pushes you to the wrong people, you need to take a break, you can’t blame Cherry, you were with Amy remember?”

“I know and that’s why I was broken, instead of wasting my time with her I should have sorted Cherry’s heart first, but now it’s too late.”

“They weren’t meant for you, just chillax and your Mrs. Right will come to you,” she said soothingly.

“Thank you Molly, it’s been three months now, I’m over it.”

“Then why are you crying?” I teased.

“I dunno,” he said childishly wiping his tears.

“I never thought the day I would see you cry like a baby would come, you’ll never hear the end of this from me,” Lina laughed, he rolled his eyes with a smile.


Six months later…
I sat in the living room with Ted watching a movie and tormenting his life.

“Teddy honey,” I called sweetly, he groaned.

“What is it this time?”

“I’m hungry.”

“You ate an hour ago.”

“Don’t complain, I want pizza and sponge cake,” I ordered, being the pregnant wife was fun when I’m not feeling any pains, I get to boss him around as I wish. Isn’t that fun!

“I’m tired,” he growled.

“Just pick up your phone and order it, nothing much,” I said nonchalantly, he sighed and placed the order, after waiting impatiently for almost an hour, I went to the room and took a bath, but first I cleaned up the room and did the laundry.I walked back to the living room only to see Ted with two empty pizza boxes and an almost finished one.

“Not again! Must you always eat my food?” I shrieked angrily, he gave me that smile he always put on when I catch I him doing something wrong. “Replace it, lobster now.”

“Lobster! I’ll have to drive there and get it, the traffic outside is bad,” he said with widened eyes.

“Go buy it, or I’ll tell your mom that you refused to buy me dinner,” I said threateningly, he whimpered and stood up. I told him the exact foods I wanted, he ran upstairs chanting it and then back down.

After I got discharged from the hospital, Ted made sure to hasten our marriage plans, by Ted I meant Trina, she even bought a whole mall for the unborn child, it was really nice but not really necessary of her.

My dearest Molina had twins too, Khloe and Kaitlyn, very noisy and cry active girls, Atama was pregnant again and Leon was busy with his career even though he likes a girl (Genevieve Shipman, a big time actress who is head over heels in love with him). I don’t know why he won’t date her.


I winced, be like say this pizza carry poison, e don dey pain my belle. Few minutes later I was in the bathroom throwing up with a serious stomach pain. Chai! where my phone?

I searched frantically for it and found it on the bed, I called Ted immediately.

“Please don’t yell at me, I’m coming,” he pleaded.

“Teddy, my stomach hurts,” I cried.


“Help me,” I sobbed.

“My God! I’m stuck in traffic,” he said panickingly, I whimpered. “Get Matthew to take to you to the hospital, that road will be clear, I’ll meet you there, I’ll call him to come help you, where are you?”

“In our room,” I sobbed.

“Just hold on my love, hold on,” he hung up, I realised that this wasn’t stomach pain but labour pain. Trina ran in with Matthew and her chief guard Pablo.

“It’s a good thing I followed my instinct, Matthew lift her up gently,” she said hastily, they took me to the hospital, but I refused to give birth until Ted gets there because I knew I needed him.

He ran into the hospital breathlessly. “Sorry…late…traffic…ran…five miles…can’t breathe..water,” he gasped. No be that one concern me sef, I was dying.

I was taken to the labour room, but the stupid baby refused to come out, the doctor who was not Wendell because Ted refused to let a man touch me, said I had to go through operation, but he refused.

“Akeelah, please do t give up, you can do it,” he encouraged, he went on to describe how much be loved me, I found courage and successfully gave birth to my first child, a boy.

I made sure I kept my eyes on the doctor’s every move, nobody will switch my baby. He had dimples and a red birth mark at his back, I noted that.

Then the unexpected happened, I went into labour again, it was a boy with a beauty mark and red birthmark on his head, then a girl followed, she had the star mark on her shoulder and the birthmark on her left ear, then I fainted.


Being a mother of one I was ready for it, but three! Nada. It would be hard, but I will get through it, especially when I have the most caring husband and a obsessed mother in-law.

Ted danced around with the girl who he was already attached to, they all looked like him.

“I’ll spoil you rotten my little princess, daddy and your two big brothers will be here to protect you,” he cooed, I rolled my eyes.

“You won’t spoil my daughter,” I said harshly.

“Our,” he corrected.

“She’s more of mine than yours,” I argued, tucking the eldest boy closer as he feed from my breast.

“That’s not true, we both carried the pregnancy.”

“Eh?’ I asked confusedly.

“One, I put them in there, two, I endured all the slaps and insults you gave me, not to mention the countless mood swings and cries, three, at the delivery room your nails cut me badly, see,” he said waving his bandaged hand. “Four, they look like me and not you, so yea, we.

If I wasn’t so weak I would have knocked his head.

“My Tiffany agrees,” he smiled.

“Tiffany?” I asked with raised eyebrows.
“Yes, that’s her name, Tiffany Kara Gaines,” he smiled, “and the little me sucking my property is Theodore Cian Gaines, the other, Terence Kieran Gaines,” he said happily, I grinned widely.

I started out as a girl who never knew her father and was sexually harassed by her stepdad, to a girl who ran away and lived a very hard life, all my struggles and hardship wasn’t for waste, because now I’m not just streetwise Nma, I’m now rich Akeelah Gaines, daughter of a wealthy couple and beloved wife of a fucking rich man, my joy and my world, and I know that together we’ll scale through all odds with our future troublesome triplets.

I’m grateful to God for everything and I can’t thank and love Him less.

I guess my story ends here.

The End.

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