Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 11)

Continued from the last part…

Mac’s POV

I noticed the way dash had been staring at Sylvie and acting strangely, so when he had left the class halfway, my suspicion grew. So I decided to follow him

But I was interrupted halfway by our principal. She was inspecting the hallway when I bumped into her. She thoroughly scrutinised me before asking me to leave. Dash would have carried out the assignment he intended doing before I would catch up with him..

Though I barely knew what it was I just suspected him. When I reached, Dash was already on his way back. I did not even mutter any single word to him, I just walked past him still in deep suspicion on him.

Writer’s POV

Mac had told Sylvie about his deep suspicion about Dash. Sylvie too, being aware of the fact that Dash had almost seen both of them during Cole’s dad’s wedding, decided that they needed to become more alert towards Dash. But that did not stop the witch from acting sick in front of Cole and taking back her prom date card from him.

Although Cole felt a little bit bad, but he was also happy. “At least I won’t be spending all night with that bitch of a girl,” he had said aloud when Slyvie had gone. He started making plans on how to go alone, although he wished he could go with Averill, but deep within him he knew she would never give him the prom date card.


“Hey… uhmm… Dash, I was hoping we could talk, like maybe chat a little and perhaps straighten out things between us a little, because we haven’t talked to each other for sometime now. And I’m really worried about it,” Eliana told Dash in a pitiful way.

“Talk about what?” Dash screamed at her, making her jump in fright, “when you have finished insulting and embarrassing Averill? I mean how could you, Eliana—do such a thing just because you wanted to pay her back for snubbing your twin sister? You had insulted her to the extent of calling her a ‘wretched pauper’. And now your asking me for forgiveness!” Dash half-yelled at her the second time.

“I am really sorry Dash, I just wanted to pay her back for what she did to Oriana. I really did not have any intention of doing this to her. Please Dash, it was all a big mistake and I had taken things so seriously,” she said crying out her eyes.

Being a mad lover boy, Dash couldn’t help but pity her, he was so touched, and instead of shouting at her, he began consoling and apologizing for making her cry. He finally made Eliana promise to apologise to Averill which she accepted.

Averill’s POV

Dash had phoned me and told me how bad Eliana was feeling for embarrassing me that way. I really felt bad also, I did not want to be the reason Dash and Elaina would breakup or some other stuff, so I went over to their house to pay them a surprise visit.

Going inside their home, their foster mom welcomed me in.

“Good day Aunt,” I greeted her, “Are Eliana and Oriana around?”

“Yeah, of course, Averill. Sam get your sisters,” she said to her little son. “So how is your mom doing anyway?”

“Uhmm… she is fine.”

“And you?”

“Well I’m OK,” I replied.

“Averill,” Oriana squealed in delight as she ran downstairs, with Eliana following behind. She hugged me real right and I just felt happy and comforted by her warm embrace.

“Hey Averill,” Eliana said with a crack in her voice, “I did not expect you to visit.”

“Oh about that… I just came to apologi—”

“Maybe we should go upstairs,” Eliana quickly suggested. I immediately understood what she meant, she did not want her mom to know what has been going on.

Cole’s POV

Dad and Aunt Mia had stayed away from home for so long on their honeymoon trip and I was left all alone at home. Everywhere seemed so boring, there was actually no one in particular to talk to. School was on a short holiday and Sylvie who would have been keeping me preoccupied, claimed she was sick.

I just don’t really know where our relationship is actually heading to. I still wonder how we even started dating. It was three months ago…


Dad had gotten into a serious case, which would have totally ruined his reputation.

The case was taken to the court, and though dad was found innocent of the accusations labeled against him, his rival still kept on pushing the case and went to the extent of arresting dad. The Province Head was bribed my dad’s opponent, then Aunt Mia had just been my dad’s girlfriend and nothing more.

We had gone to the police station to see if we could get my dad bailed. We were left stranded, as no one was giving any form of attention to us. Suddenly Aunt Mia started screaming and behaving abnormally. On seeing this, the Province Head in charge at the moment sent for us, as the other bribed one had gone for a rescue operation.

We were ushered a seat. Sylvie’s dad had been the Province Head around at the moment. He went to see the car with Aunt Mia, while I just sat there stealing glances at Sylvie who sat opposite me. She was really cute and pretty.

So after getting dad released, we became indebted to them for her dad’s kind gesture. Dad kept on paying them regular visits, and through those visits, I and Slyvie became close to the extent of enrolling both of us together in the same school.

Through her I became really popular at school, and just to make my popularity grow the more, I decided to date her, though I never had any feelings for her. I just went ahead with it, and even though my heart refused the idea, I still carried out my plans.


I just feel really worked up, maybe I just need a snack or something to eat. I dressed and jogged all the way to Averill’s mom’s bakery. I opened the door and to my surprise —

Thank God, Averill has finally forgiven the twin girls…

To be continued…

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