Locking Her Heart (Part 4)

Continued from the last part…

Alicia’s POV

It’s been about three days since that horrible moment, three days since I cried my eyes out, three days since I set my eyes on anyone. I decided to stay put in my room, away from this family. The family I thought was going to help me get back on my feet and be strong again after my parents’ death, was actually the one bringing me down. And to make matters worse, they’re trying to blame it all on my parents. Seriously? I know for a fact that my dad or mum would never give me up, they loved me too much, so I’m just going to stay in here, no food no water. Who knows? Maybe I’ll die and finally be reunited with my parents, that would be the best thing; and with that, I drifted off to dreamland.


By the time I awoke, it was already evening. I could easily tell by the cool and gentle breeze that blew through my window. I was tempted to go out and just enjoy this, and I decided to give into that temptation just for a little while. It wouldn’t hurt right? And I’ll get right back in before anyone even sees me.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do and with that in mind, I unlocked the door and twisted the knob and immediately, he entered. The man who I had grown to love like a father, but also the man who caused me immense pain. I really didn’t want to speak with him, but I stopped and decided to hear him out. I mean everyone deserves a chance, right? Who knows this might have been some kind of silly joke. With that in mind, I retraced my steps and sat on the bed.


Max’s POV

It’s been three days and I’m seriously worried about Alicia. I knew I should not have dropped the bombshell like that, but I made a promise to her dad (Jack) and I don’t intend to break it. Ever since I set my eyes on Alicia, I had treated her like a daughter. I loved her like mine, which is why it really saddens me to see she was so sad right now all because of me.

On the third night, I decided that I’ve given her enough space. It was time to talk and she was going to listen to me. I knocked on her door faintly and immediately she twisted the knob and I entered. I could see from the look on her face that she was not expecting me at all. She made to leave but suddenly stopped and went back to sit on her bed. I guess she decided to hear me out. Okay, where do I start from?

“Alicia,” she immediately turned to look at me. “I know this maybe hard for you but trust me, it’s harder for me. Your dad and I made a pact when we were young that when our children grew up, they would get marry each other. You have to believe me,” I said looking directly into her eyes. “I don’t mean you any harm, but this is the earnest wish of your father, would you really deny them?”

She still said nothing, so I continued, “We aren’t forcing you to get married right now. You’ll go through high school, live a normal life, but afterwards please fulfill your father’s wishes and marry Jason.” And with that, I left her to give her time to think and process everything.


Alicia’s POV

After he left, I was beyond shocked. I had no idea what to do. If this was my father’s wish, I had to obey it, I guess he knows what’s best for me. I’ll do it, but how do I live with that egotistical maniac? Not to talk of marrying him. He seems eager to marry me too. So, I guess I have to go with this, but I’ll make him hate me so much he won’t want to marry me.

It won’t be too difficult because I already hate him more than I hate the devil. You probably won’t understand so let me enlighten you…

“Well well well you finally decided to come out.”

WTF! How dare him enter my room? Oops! I guess I forgot to close it after Max left. “Get out Jason.”

“And if I don’t, Alicia? You know, puberty really hit you hard. You look sexier.”

How dare he? He enters my room and has the guts to talk to me like that. well, two can play this game.

“Oh really? Well, you don’t look so bad yourself,” I said, sizing him up. I got closer to him and he stepped backwards. I guess he wasn’t expecting that, when he got to the door I pushed him out and slammed the door shut. I heard him chuckling on the other side. Then it hit me, I still hate him and I’m supposed to make him hate me. I mentally slapped myself.

Stupid Alicia.


Next Day…

Apparently Max wasn’t kidding when he said I was going live a normal life as well as go to high school, I was beyond happy. During dinner, I told them of my decision to marry Jason, and I was glad the jerk wasn’t there. Ever since our little encounter, I haven’t set eyes on him and I was so happy. Things were going great. I was dressed for school, I was going to be admitted today.

Sadly, it was the same school as Jason’s, but I made a decision to avoid him like a plague. Finally, I was ready, taking just a sip of coffee and simultaneously grabbing my things which included just a couple of books a phone which rose gave me a few hours ago and my journal, I heard whistling behind me. Argggh. Just when things were going great.

“Let’s go, babe.”

Wait, did he just called me ‘babe’?

“Damn right, I did.”

Oops! I said that aloud.

Stupid Alicia.

“Are you going keep standing there or are you going to get on?”

And that’s when it hit me. He wanted me to get on that with him.

God, I hate Jason.

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