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It Burns My Heart

Just like the flames that comes out from the burning wood
It burns my heart
The fear of becoming a failure
Makes me want to keep struggling never to get lured

The iroko that was supposed to be an inspiration
Ended up being the reason for my depression
Bringing a change was always the goal
But how can I achieve the goal
When the world is always my foe

It burns my heart
The thought of growing up without fatherly love
Made me realise that the Fox shows you nothing but fake love
He enjoyed the pleasure he gets from hot liquid
Forgetting that all we needed was just a quid.

It burns my heart
The damsel grew up having so many ambitions
but all was taken away because of frustration.
Even though she had a great zeal and determination
but dad was never there to convey the information.

It burns my heart
It burns my heart because you were never there
Even though you were very near
but you never took care of your kids like a strong deer
You left everything for mum
the woman who was supposed to be your wife, and mum
became an object of gossip for so many num

Dad I want to say I hate you
but how can I when I was meant to love you
I wish you knew how we suffered till we grew up
but I know you don’t because you never loved hip-hop.

Dad I forgive you for the pains you caused mum
the only thing you gave your kids were only pains
but I cant have hatred in me because it has no gain
But truly dad, you burn my heart.

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About Israel Akunna Rosemary

Israel Akunna Rosemary is a young prominent writer who hails from Ebonyi state, She is from a family of Six and is the second daughter of Mr and Mrs Israel. Writing prose and stories has been always been one way she uses in tackling Stress and also a process of building her mind She loves acting as she happens to be a good actress, Dancing is also what she has interest in. She is currently running her programm in Federal polytechnic Oko in Anambra state(HND1) She has a diploma in Chinese language as she happens to be a Chinese translator She hopes to grow more in all she do

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  1. Wonderful piece Miss Rosemary

  2. Thanks dear, i really appreciate🙏🙏

  3. Nice one dear, keep it up..

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