The Hidden Truth (Part 3)


Continued from the last part…

Mrs. Johnson POV

I sat down on the bed watching my husband pull off his clothes. If he didn’t do what he did to my daughter, I would have been the one pulling off his shoes by now, I whispered to myself as I watched him finding it hard to pull it. I wanted to laugh, but I needed to keep up acting if I really wanted my precious jewel to come back.

I loved my husband, yes but I loved Amelia more. It’s been two weeks since she left the house. So many days, I mean I can’t live without her.

“What’s it, honey? You look troubled,” I heard him say as if he wasn’t aware of the reason for my acting up. I know my husband so well, he could make you look stupid to him. He can play that game with the maids, but he can’t do it to his wife, I’ve lived with him all my life.

“Honey, it seems you dislike Ame so much.” He shrugged and lay on the bed. I wasn’t giving up, I will continue .

“How do you want her to cope alone in that big mansion? Huh! You made her leave the house, as if it’s not enough, you blocked her means of survival. What kind of man are you?”

“Sweetheart, I’m trying not to spoil the girl. She has been spending too much lately,” he opened up and I angrily looked at him. I was so angry. What’s he saying?

“Spoil who? Are you trying to tell me that I gave birth to a spoilt child? Huh?”

“That’s was not…” I could let him speak so I used my usual tactics. I stood up, went into my bag, packed some few things, and left the room. He would definitely follow me. “Honey, where are you going to?” I heard him shout behind me. I turned to him.

“I’m going to my own house, leaving your own fucking house for my house. You can eat the house,” I blurted and that shocked him. He closed his eyes and opened them again visibly angry, he was trying to control himself, any word from me would earn a slap on my face, I just kept looking at him until he calmed down. He came to me surprising and knelt in front of me.

“I’m sorry if I scared you…” I diverted my eyes. “No babe, look at me,” he said. I didn’t, he sighed.

“If this would break up up my family, I will do it, I will release the account and apologize to Ame. If that’s what will make you happy.” I smiled. It worked. I turned my gaze to him, smiling.

“I love you,” I muttered audibly to him.

“I love you more. Come on let’s go to bed, I’m tired from working so much,” he said and immediately lifted me up in a bridal style.

“What are you doing?” I asked shyly.

“To our bedroom of course,” he said climbing up stairs.

“The maids might see us,” I whispered.

“It’s our house not theirs. Can’t I have fun in my own house?” he asked me and I chuckled.

“You can,” I answered and we laughed.

Ava’s POV.

“Ava, wake up, it’s 7.00am already.” I heard my mom say in my sleep, I immediately opened my eyes. I heard her say ‘7.00’, seven what?

“Geez, I’m late for school.” I stormed out of my room and rushed into my bathroom.

“This girl is so full of surprises,” my mum said and left the room to the kitchen.

Writer’s POV.

After six minutes, Ava came out, she was wrapped in a white towel. She rushed to her wardrobe, brought out a very short colour white gown, brought out a high waist shorts and tank top, a pink sleeveless gown and lay them on her bed.

Ava’s POV

“Now what should I wear?” I said looking at the clothes.

“Ava,” my mum called.

“Yes mum,” I answered.

“Come downstairs, Princess, you are already late for school.”

“I’m coming,” I answered and picked up the pink sleeveless gown, applied cream on my skin and wore the clothes. I picked up my baby pink color shoe and wore them, applied powder, took my backpack and rushed downstairs.

“Mom, I’m late, I don’t think I will eat this morning.”

“No, you are definitely taking something before going,” she insisted.

I shrugged and grabbed the already made tea and drank it at once.

“Bye mom, kiss Gideon for me,” I said and rushed out of house.

Mrs. Clara’s POV.

I made breakfast ready to wake Gideon up, but I could see him coming down on his own, rubbing sleep off his eyes.

“Morning mom,” I heard him greeted.

“How was your night boy?” I asked smiling.

“Fantastic, I can smell Ava’s sweet perfume. Where did she go to?” he asked as he sat down on the dinning.

“She’s off to school,” I answered setting the table.

“To school? Wow, Ava is going to school,” he said happily. “What’s for breakfast mom” he chipped in and I smiled.

“Your favorite boy,” I answered and sat down.

“Wow, pancakes with bread and tea. Wait did you put fish?” he asked smiling.

“No, no money,” I answered and his smile faded.

“Gosh! You should have. What’s the use?” He opened the tea cup, and the pancakes with the other plate beside him and saw fish.

“Mum you are a good liar,” he said and gave me a friendly pouch.

“Dress up, you are going to school today,” I said and he smiled.

“Much love mum,” he said and kissed me lightly.

“Ooh, so sweet of you baby,” I smiled. I love my children so much, they have been my joy since my husband died the day Gideon was born. He didn’t even get to see his only son before he died. I was so embittered when I heard the news when I was discharged. Ava made sure she kept it away from me, she even did what her father would to discharge me, my husband died while coming to see me and Gideon.

“I’ve told you I am not a baby anymore, I have a girlfriend,” Gideon pointed out absent-mindedly.

“You have what?” I shouted immediately.

“No, I didn’t mean a girlfriend, ah… I… meant… a friend, yes a friend.”

“You are lying, you are even stammering.”

“No, I mean… mom!” he shouted and rushed into his room locking the door behind him. I laughed.

Imagine a nine-year old boy having a girlfriend.

Ava’s POV

I stood staring at the school sign board bodily written ‘PRESTIGIOUS HIGH SCHOOL.’

Yeah, I’m going to a rich people’s school on scholarship. It looks beautiful. This is my first day in school, and I’m looking forward to enjoying my stay here. I walked into the school happily, and was stunned at the beauty of this school. I was doubting if this was a school or some kind of hotel, if not for the sign board earlier.

I saw few kids in their well-ironed uniform, probably rich students. I kept walking and surveying the school compound and smiling wildly. I saw a gate by my right hand side, and turned to examine it.

“Oh! Ava stop being a child, you are acting weird,” I muttered and turned. Immediately, I bumped into a boy. His phone fell off. He stared at me as if I’ve grown two heads.

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