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It was
Through the forest I found home
Through death I found life
Through fear I became brave
Found freedom in a cave
Met night in the day
My days were like night
And through darkness I found a spotlight

My smiles are in my grief
And my grieves in my smile
I smile to mourn
And sorrow for joy
No more tears have I
In days of depression
My tears were water
I am good at heart
Yet inhumane

In the morning hour of poverty and hunger
Hope was breakfast
In the days of corruption
Me was steadfast
At night of distress
Prayers was my mistress

Do not be surprised I am calm in the storm
Depression is a friend
Do not bother on how we get along
I fear not evil
For in my store are heads of demons

I am not religious
But I am yet to find a man this righteous
I don’t believe in those or them not even that
Father once told me
Religions are the big cats in the wild
The believers are meant to pray
But instead they fight
And end up being the prey

I grew older
More complicated I became
Brought darkness to days
And light to nights
Did good in a bad way
And bad in a good way
Devilish polished
My brightness scares the wicked
Neither could the good come near

I stole from those who stole
And gave to those who worked for they can’t steal
I killed those who killed
And fed their meat to those who were made to kill but couldn’t kill

The good in me was turned to bad
So was the bad turned to good
Born in hell
Raised in heaven
I am two of a person
Hell and Heaven
I’m HellVen

About Author

Omere Anthony
A Boy With a Good Heart
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