Entrusted (Episode Two)

Continued from the last part…

Back to the present situation.

Chloe still had her eyes glued to the TV, laughing her heart out. She didn’t know when her brother came in and stood behind her.

Dropping the nylon he was holding behind the sofa Chloe was sitting on, Dave brought out his bandana from his pocket and covered Chloe’s face with it.

“Mum! Mum! Help me! I’m about to be raped! Jesus save your daughter!” she screamed.

Dave laughed and removed the bandana from her face.

“No one’s raping you Chloe.”

“Jesus, Dave you scared the shit out of me.” she sighed.

“Arghhh, it’s not my fault.You didn’t lock the door. Next time, lock the door,” Dave chuckled.

“Whatever, what did you bring for me?” Chloe asked.

“Hmmm, well, I didn’t bring anything for you,” Dave replied, stretching out his palms in a way that showed that he wasn’t holding anything.

“What?! Why? Are you even my brother?” she pouted.

Dave chuckled and brought out the nylon he dropped behind the sofa and gave it to Chloe.

Awwn awwn.I knew you were joking.” her face lit up instantly. “Have I ever told you that I love you? I LOVE YOU.” She jumped on Dave.

“OK, OK…I know…I get it…Just please, get down,” Dave grunted. “Where’s mum?” he asked immediately Chloe got down from him.

“In her room,” Chloe replied.

Dave took long strides to his mum’s room and came back thirtyseconds later.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was sleeping?” he asked.

“Well… I thought you wanted to find out yourself,” Chloe replied with her eyes on the TV.

“You are so unbelievable.” Dave rolled his eyes.

“Whatever,” she replied.

Dave sat down beside her to watch the TV with her.

“Geez,please go sit on another chair. This sofa is mine!” she panicked.

Dave was taken aback. He raised a brow and looked at her.

“Really?” he asked.

“Really!” Chloe stomped her left foot on the tiles.

“You really are something else,” Dave groaned.

He stood up and went to sit on a chair. Was she even his sister?

He shook his head and rolled his eyes. He’s gonna ask his mum later. Chloe looked at him, stood up and came to meet him where he was sitted.

“What? Is this chair yours too?” Dave asked with a raised brow.

Chloe scoffed. “You’re wrong, it’s not. But you’re sitting on the remote.”

With that, she pulled Dave up, took the remote and pushed him back into the chair.
Dave looked at her dumbfounded. This girl’s pathetic.


Twenty minutes later, Clara, their mum, came out of her room with a sleepy face. She was surprised to see Dave.

“Dave? When did you arrive?” she asked facing Dave.

“Hey mum.” Dave stood up to hug her. “I came in like…uhmm…thirty-five minutes ago,” he replied.

Clara sat down on the chair Dave was sitting and Dave sat on one of the arms of the chair.

“How are you?” his mum asked.

“I’m good mum,” he replied

“You didn’t say you’d be coming here today.”

“Yeah…Just wanted to surprise you and Chloe.” Dave smiled.

“Oh,that’s good.” Then Clara turned to face Chloe who had her eyes on the TV. “Madam Chloe, please when are you going to prepare dinner? It’s almost 9pm and I’m so hungry,” their mum stated.

“Arghhhh,” Chloe groaned, “mum please, let me watch this program till the end,” she pleaded.

“Get up now!” her mum commanded.

“Ohooohhhh!” Chloe grudgingly stood up and dragged her feet to the kitchen.

“Prepare a solid food,” her mum yelled jokingly after her.

Chloe stopped, froze for a moment, then turned to face her mum.

“Cover your ears, it’s coming,” Clara whispered to Dave. They both blocked their ears with their hands.

“What! SOLID WHAT?” Chloe screamed immediately.

Even though they blocked their ears, Chloe’s scream still penetrated into her mum’s and Dave’s ears. They scrunched up their faces after she screamed.

“Whatever ,just go please,” her mum groaned.

With that, Chloe turned back and headed for the kitchen. Immediately she was out of sight, her mum turned to face Dave.

“Are you sure I gave birth to that girl?” she asked him.

“Are you sure she is my sister?” Dave asked her too.

They both laughed.

“She’s so lazy,” Clara said in between laughter.


Mr. Adam’s House, or should I say mansion?
Anyways, his ‘mansion’ was big and classy, it was secured with CCTV cameras and guards too. The inner part of the house was richly furnished, beautifully designed and well decorated.

Mr Adams was currently sitting in the sitting room upstairs (he had two sitting rooms—one upstairs, and one downstairs), with his daughter, Julie next to him. Body gaurds were planted around like flower vases.

“So have you discussed the issue I told you about with that boy?” he asked.

“Dad, firstly, Dave’s not ‘that boy’. He’s my boyfriend,” Julie rolled her eyes. “And secondly, I haven’t discussed the issue with him,” she lied.

Not that she wanted to lie, she just didn’t want to tell him that Dave had rejected his offer.

Read Part Three.

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