Dead Doctor (Episode Eight—Final Saga)

Continued from the last part…

“I see me ambling down the dark corridors. Someone is following me, but when I turn back, I see no one. Then I enter the changing room to take off my jacket. I’m changing now and humming “Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright” and then I feel a sharp pain in my side and another and another. It hurts and I scream. I tried to turn, but the person stabs more, making sure to keep out of sight. I reach my hands to my back… I’m holding the person’s hair and I hear screams. A woman is screaming and still stabbing me. I fall to my face… I’m too weak to turn my face to see my attacker, but I’m sure now that it was a female. I’m looking at my bloody hand in front of me and I see strands of grey hair in my hand. Then she whispers in my ears, “ ‘You can never expose us as long as we are together. I’ll not let you ruin my son’s life’.” I’m looking at my lifeless body now, the stab wounds are vertical.”

Jason falls to the ground and cried bitterly. Emma felt helpless, how could she comfort a spirit? She couldn’t even touch him. She wanted to. She must. She made to touch him and to her surprise, felt his shoulders on her hands. They were cold.

Jason looked up in amazement. “But you were not able to touch me?”

“I guess God’s blessed me now to be able to touch you,” she snifled.

She wiped the tears off his face and hugged him like he needed her to breathe. They stayed like that for some time before Jason looked at her eyes and then planted a kiss on her head. She kissed him back on his lips. It felt good! Like a mixture of flame and frost.
“Well, we know what we are looking for—a woman with grey hair who stabs vertically,” she laughed.

He returned the laugh and then his face was serious immediately.

“Vertical! That means our suspect’s hands are kind of twisted. Yes, she has a twisted hand.”

“Yes, you’re right, Jay. How is it that I didn’t think of that? Do you know anyone with a twisted arm?”

“Yes, only one person. But I had only seen her several times. She was assigned to me as a patient, but Dr. David said I shouldn’t worry he would cover up the case for me. But she would always flirt with me and call me whenever Dr. David was not around to check up on her. Her name is Mrs. Bianca. Why would she kill me? She is an old woman? There was no way I could want anything to do with her, she must have known that so why would she kill me? Or… Jesus! I finally get it now! Emma, I know why she wanted me dead. I think I may know who she is. We need to get her case file, it would tell us more about her.”

“I have an idea. I know how to get it. That nurse in the reception is quite slippery. I can get past her,” Emma cut in quickly.


He entered the room, looking weary. His mother lay on the bed, staring into the outstretched room. She turned her head to find him walking towards her. She sat up expectantly.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, David.”

“I have good news and bad news. Which do you wish to hear first?”


“ ‘Patient’s name: Mrs. Bianca Ibe Isife’. She’s reported to this hospital on several occasions for fracture, swelling, cut, internal bleeding…” Emma said, turning the pages of the paper. She may have been abused by someone, maybe her husband on several occasions.”

“Did you say Isife?” Jason stopped short.

“Yes, does it ring a bell?”

“Now it all makes sense. David Isife. Bianca Isife. Thomas Isife. Son, mother and father!” Jason was smiling at his sudden discovery.

“Okay, calm down. Who’s David and Thomas Isife?

“David is my colleague here. Remember the one I had an argument with the night I was killed?” David was gesturing. Emma nodded.

“Thomas Isife is the hospital owner and I think Bianca was his wife. No wonder the man kept a low profile life. For some reason, he didn’t want to be identified with his family. No wonder David wanted to attend to the woman instead of me. Now this is a big part of the puzzle. Now I understand why he wanted the hospital for himself through crooked means. He thinks it’s his birthright.” We are going to need to prove all this. Emma, you have to protect this record. If they find out we’re almost onto them, they’ll erase all evidence as soon as they can. For now, I’ll follow David and know what he’s up to. It’s a good thing no one can see me… well… except you.”

Emma smiled evilly, feeling like a detective.

“You need to be careful, Emma. I don’t want you to be killed like I was. I would never forgive myself if that happens.”

“I’m fine Jason. Come here!”


“Give me the good news first,” she said.

“Well, the PI was told to halt Jason’s case for now.”

“… and the bad news?”

“He was told to concentrate on looking for father.”

“How’s that a bad news, son?”

“Mom, they could trace anything back to me.”

“But you wiped your fingerprints off the car? And you buried him deep inside the hearts of Odudu forest? What then are you afraid of?”

“Mom, I’m really scared. I can hardly sleep at night. I keep seeing dad, begging me to save his life.”

His mother grabbed him by the collar, “You should never be afraid of that wimp. You hear me son? He’s not worth a drop of your mercy. I told you I would kill him again if I could. See me! Take a look at my body! Take a look at my hand! He did this to me, remember? He fed on our fears and drunk on my screams. It was high time he died anyway.”

Jason stood, listening to all she said. This evil woman had killed me. Jason reached for the vase that decorated her bedside but couldn’t pick it up. He kicked into empty air and cursed under his breath. She will pay for this.”


“Hey Jason!”

“He’s here again? I wish to see him, try out what the book says Emma!”

“What book?” Jason asked.

“I’ve been reading this book ‘Connecting with the Supernatural’, now I understand why I could touch you and even see you. You saved my life, we died at the same time and when your corpse was discovered, I woke up from the dead. Timing! The book says timing is everything. We share a lot in common. It also says here, you can make someone else who’s alive see you. It’s spooky right?”

“Yes, and it’s just what we need now to get the truth out of that evil mother and son.”

“You found out anything, Jay?”



“You killed me in cold blood! You’re going to pay for this?” Jason quizzed his brows in anger.

“No please! How can you be here! You’re dead! I killed you… I … er… I… No, it’s not possible. You’re not real… You’re just a dream!”

“Why did you do it? Why did you murder me in cold blood? I didn’t deserve this!” Jason approached her slowly and stealthily.

“I’ll confess… I’ll tell you. You were going to expose my son and our plans. I couldn’t risk it. His father owns this hospital and didn’t want to give him anything of his wealth. So we plotted to take it under his nose. And… then you interfered. I had to kill you… you… you were going to… Um…” she broke into a sob. “You were going to expose him. I couldn’t let everything we’ve worked for years slip through our hands once again.”

“So you killed me and you killed your husband, just for his wealth? Is that what you’re telling me woman?”

“Yes, I… stabbed… him… but… but he didn’t die. I… I… promise … he didn’t die… my son David buried him alive. I didn’t kill him.”

“Where is he buried? I said, where is he buried?”

“In Odudu Forest! But why are you asking me all these questions? Please just go away…”

Jason made as if he wanted to hit her but she put her hands to her face and screamed. She looked up to find him gone.


“Here’s the camera! She’s confessed to all her crimes in them. Make sure this gets in the right hands. I want justice.”

“I’ll take this to the police right away, Jay.”

“Finally, justice for Jason. I can’t wait for this to end and to be out of here, Emma.”

“Yes me too mum! But first things first!”


One Week Later…

Emma and Annie sat in the park, helping themselves to a plate of ice-cream.

“Mom, it’s such a fine weather. Remember we used to visit the park together, like this, when I was a kid? I’m glad we got to do this. I’m glad we are together again and I’m happy Jason is finally resting in peace. You should see the flowers I put on his grave. They were red roses—his favourite.”

“He told you that?” Annie shot her a quizzical look.

“He told me a lot of things, mom.”


David and his mom were sentenced to life in prison with hard labour. Mrs. Bianca died shortly after from heart attack. Her last few weeks were terrible. She claimed she saw spirits in her dreams.

Mr. Dele was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for being an accomplice to murder.

Mr. Sylvester claimed he was only doing his job as a PI but was sentenced to 15 years with hard labour.

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