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I am a Girl

I’m a girl

I’m also human, not a bedpan
I deserve to be adorned with pearl not
I’m a girl, a skirl
I am not ment for kitchen because
I’m not a lichen,
I am not meant only for the bedroom
Because I’m from the womb not tearoom.
I’m a girl not a thurl
I am not meant to carry tray but I can pray also.
I’m a girl not a curl
I am not meant to stay at home I can gloam than a boy
I’m a girl an earl not a knurl
I’m not born by chance not by mistake
I deserve to be a child not a slave
You slap

Give me a space
I deserve to smile at the sun
Please don’t murder my dreams

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About MrYacks

Yakubu Daniel is a poet, lyricist, musician and a motivational speaker. He lives in Askira/Uba Borno state where he writes. He started his career in writing in 2015. He has one of his work( my lonely grave) published by gap magazine. He is currently working on writings which are yet to be published. His hobbies are writing,singing and travelling.

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  1. I am girl
    I deserve to smile at the sun
    Don’t you dare murder my dreams!

    Well writ, sir.

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