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The Retribution of Dem Big Men!

Maami water go carry them away
Those who believe say na money
Be the kola for this life
Dem be blockhead for their mama belly
But carry bighead like torchlight!
And tell us say they go make our way bright!
But when they con get into power
They con forget say na people bring them
Tueh, tueh for their head!

Maami water dey come ooo!
She go soon enter their office
She go soon enter their office
She fine no be small oo
They don’t dey lick lips
Their gun don dey stand
They wan finish this one life!
But they no know say na trouble come!
She go chop their money and life join sef!

Make we just release maami water!
Since say we dey talk
This people ehhn!
It be like say cotton bud they their ear!
They no go even fit us gree remove am
Their security dey kampe twenty four seven!
But since say we be like donkey for their eyes
At least when maami water go meet them
Their eyes go shine like torch!
And from there their wreck go come!
Like Moto wey no get brake!

Tueh, tueh for them
Tueh_, tueh for our dem crazy leaders!

About Author

I'm Philip, passionate and dodged about writing and self development. I love viewing the raw part of life and penning it down. I love writing stories about events, putting it in the shortest details as possible. I'm an aspiring journalist who sees everything around him intriguing and making stories out of nowhere. In life, I live to dream higher, so that at least if I can't get there, I would still be high. You will surely love my works whenever you read.
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  1. Phillips, your pidgin is tueh! Shey, if I said you should come lemme teach you, you’ll refuse. Nice message though.

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