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The Hidden Truth (Part 2)

Continued from the last part

Amelia’s POV

“What? You can’t do this again dad, I’m in need of that money, you can’t just do this to me!” I shouted angrily. My dad has been torturing me for long, he doesn’t listen to me. Once I wondered whether he’s my real dad, that’s not how other dads treated their daughters. Why is mine different? My mum isn’t a problem, she supports me and gives me all I could ever want in life.

“Sweetheart, are you there?” his voice echoed from the other side of the phone.

“Yeah.” I left home because he seized my phone. So I left the main house to my own house; my dad is super rich so I have my own house. Now my dad’s problem was… because I wanted to buy a new dress for my friend’s party tonight, he kept on insisting that I wore my old one. He’s so heartless, even when I left his house, he has kept on disturbing peace of mind. Gosh!

“I hope you heard me,” he said and hung up. I didn’t even hear a thing of what he was blabbing, he just kept on blabbing and blabbing. Now let me call mum. She picked up on the second ring.

“Mom,” I shouted immediately

“My baby, is anything the matter? Aargh, don’t tell me you are sick.”

Dad did it again, he called my manager,I pouted.

“What? What’s wrong with your dad? how could he? I’m calling him now,” she said and hung up.

I smiled, that’s my mum for you, the sweetest mum ever. I hope she gets him to unfreeze the account.

“Yeah mum?” She called again.

“Baby, your dad refused. I guess you have to wait till tomorrow.”

“No way mum. Do what you can, I’m using it tonight. Send me yours mum, I need this money.

“Sweetie, you know your dad too well, he blocked mine too.”

“Can’t you do something about this?” I asked feigning a cry.

“Alright angel, don’t cry, I will fix it right now.” She hung up, I groaned. To hell with you dad, shit. I opened my laptop, my friends were already at the party texting me. I’m coming a little bit late today, I replied them and closed up. I would be meeting Dave today. The thought of Dave gave me joy immediately. If only I could be in your heart just for an hour, but that bitch stole you away from me.

A message popped up on my phone, I opened it, it read:

Your nanny is coming with the money, send someone to collect the money.

I smiled and typed, ‘I love you mum.’ Mumsi is just the best. I called my manager immediately.

“Yes ma’am,” she picked up immediately.

“Send someone to bring the clothes and collect the money from my nanny at Vic’s hotel.”

“Yes ma’am.” I hung up and rushed into the bathroom. I came out and saw my phone ringing. My mum was calling.

“Mom?” I asked.

“Yeah sweetie, when are you coming home?”

“As soon as dad changes his attitude mum.”

“I’m missing you baby.”

“I’m missing you mom.”

“Then come home, I love you.”

“Tell the old man to apologize to me then.” She chuckled.

“Hope you’re eating well?” She asked worriedly.

“Yeah.” I looked at the wall clock, gosh I’m late. I’m ending the call now.

“What are you doing now?” she asked me

“Reading mom.” She chuckled at my lame lie.

“We both know you’re lying,” she said laughing hard.

“Yeah, you caught me. I have to go now.”

“Take care of yourself baby, bye.”

I dropped my phone on the bed, someone knocked. That must be my maid. I opened the door and my maid handed me a big bag. Wow some extra cash from mom.

“I love you mom,” I shouted happily and opened the bag to find the golden short dress. I wore the dress and went into my makeup room, applied some light makeup, sprayed up my expensive perfume and went outside happily. I signalled to the maid to lock the house, went into my car and drove off.

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