Speak Words

Words are like swords,
It strikes forth with no accord.
It dances out of the lips,
like girls swaying their hips.
Its the melody for the soul,
so soothing to the ears as it cajoles.
It is food for the hungry.
It is gold to the needy.
It gives hope to every dead
and offers life that never ends.
Like raindrops from the skies,
It waters the flowers of the earth
and gives life with every breath.
Speak these words today;
Words that are so ever true
and none would be led astray.

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2 thoughts on “Speak Words

  1. “…and offers life that never ends.” I so much love this line. I’m also an ardent believer in the power of words. Well done, Bryan.

    1. I’m really glad you read my poem. May we all continue to “Speak Words” that would transform our lives positively.

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