Nma (Part 21)

Continued from the last part…

After Trina left, I went to my room and scattered my wardrobe for something sexy to wear, if I stayed three more days without being in his arms, I’ll lose my mind. I won’t sit back and lose him too, anything could happen within the space of a month. I won’t take that chance, never!

Finally settling for the see-through nightie Atama forced me to bring along, I took a shower and wore it, he finds apple irresistible, so I used my apple scent shampoo and soap.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but a girl gotta do what a girl has gotta do. He was in his office working, I took in deep breaths and walked in.

“Ted,” I called softly, he hummed. “How was work today?”

“Stressful, I had piles of files waiting for me, I even brought some home to finish them,” he said tiredly.

“But you are tired.”

“Of working and going through boring papers, I’m never tired,” he smiled. Idiot, look at me, he sniffed. “Is it me or is mom’s apple pie tormenting me?” he asked finally raising his head, the look on his face was encouraging.

“No, just my new soap and shampoo. Why don’t I get you a cup of coffee to keep you awake? I can help you too, this is what I studied after all.”

“Er…y…yes, sure, help,” he stuttered, I smiled innocently.

“I’ll go get the coffee.”

Nooooo! Just stay back, I don’t want coffee,” he shouted, I smiled and skipped to him. Throughoutt, he kept fidgeting and stuttering, not even contributing to the work, I did it all myself, while he just enjoyed the view.

“Done,” I said tiredly, all my desires to sleep with him was gone, all I wanted was to sleep and not wake up till two in the noon the next day. “I’m bushed, gonna sleep now,” I yawned.

“You can’t sleep yet,” he said with a frown.

“But I’m feeling sleepy.”

“I’ll fix that,” he said with a mischievous smile.

“Ted leave me alone,” I warned and ran away, already cursing the devil for making me do this. “Cheese and nuts!” I exclaimed when he suddenly whipped me up his shoulder. “Drop me now!” I screamed trying woefully to escape from him. “Ted!” I shrieked exasperatedly as he laughed. He walked outside? Where is he…oh no! The pool.

“Ted I’m sorry, whatever I did to you, please I’m sorry, don’t throw me into the pool,” I pleaded, he chuckled and bounced me up, he hoisted up my hips to throw me into the obviously cold pool, but I slung my legs around his waist, dragging us both into the pool.

I won’t ever go down alone.

“You are crazy,” he laughed once his head was out of the water, I’m not a very good swimmer like Atama, if I don’t get out soon, I’ll drown.

“You started it,” I smiled and started swimming to the edge, he pulled me back.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“Out of the water, it’s freezing,” I said quiveringly, holding him for support.

“You can’t swim well, can you?” he asked knowingly, I nodded.

“I love my life so excuse me,” I said coldly and swam away. Oh boy, this water cold o, e be like water wey dey just commot for freezer. I was struggling to climb out, mumu Nma, no be the stairs dey dere so?

I hissed and rolled my eyes at myself, I turned around to look at Ted, he was awfully quiet, he was there staring at me thoughtfully with darkened eyes. This is the part where I decide to run or stay, if I spend ten more seconds in this water, there’s no going back.

“Akeelah, wait,” he called softly and swam closer to me. Leave or stay? Leave or stay? Too late, he’s here. He wrapped his hand around my waist and used his other free hand to push my hair backward. “Has anyone ever told you that your eyes glow when wet?” he asked in a husky whisper.

“No. Has anyone ever told you that your eyes sparkle when wet?” I asked back lowly, trying not to let my voice break, the cold prick of the water was far gone now.

“They have, but I’m not talking about me, but the beautiful lady in front of me. To me, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life,” he whispered again, his head moving dangerously closer.

“What makes me beautiful?”

“Your heart, you are the nicest and most selfless person I’ve ever met. You are willing to sacrifice your happiness, your life just to make sure the ones you love are happy. When you smile, it’s like an enchanted garden’s flowers blooming, your eyes are like two crystal clear seas which I can forever dwell in, your voice is something else I can’t explain and your laugh, it’s like a mooing cow. “I rolled my eyes as he laughed, always being funny, I smiled as I watched the beautifully cute boy laugh at his own joke.

“Stop laughing,” I whispered, he stopped and smiled. “Thank you for that, it really means a lot,” I told him honestly. He didn’t say I was beautiful because of my physique but just because I’m me, what girl wouldn’t want that?

“That’s not all, Akeelah…” He paused and inhaled. Please say it, please just say it. “I love you.” I didn’t know when I screamed and jumped on him, sending us both into the water.

“Sorry, I overreacted,” I laughed once our heads were out.

“Does that mean you actually love me too?” he asked expectedly.

“Well love is a strong word, but I know I…” He shut me up with a kiss, an actual kiss, not a dare kiss or any of the ones we’ve shared before, this one was fucking real.

That’s all I can tell as my head swelled and brain shut down, it was nothing like the kiss I had with my stupid first love, I don’t even know how we got to his bedroom, but all I knew was that we were there unclad, on his bed.

Now I know why Atama and Idara said what I had with Chikere was fun and sex, not love. Tama told me that I never loved him, it was infatuation, but I never wanted to agree, but now I do.

I don’t know if I deserve this, but I don’t care, he loves me and that’s what matters.


I snuggled closer to the warm body behind me, last night’s events were replaying in my head. I can’t wait to tell the girls, they’ll flip! I reluctantly opened my eyes and checked the time.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed, making Ted jerk up with a scream and tumbled off the bed. Oops!

“Jesus Keelah, what is it?” he groaned, I stretched to the edge of the bed and looked down at him, my hair falling down in a curtain, I giggled.

“Good morning, sorry about that,” I giggled at his very naked self.

“What was that for anyways?”

“It’s 12pm,” I said with shock. I can’t believe we slept for that long.


“You’re late for work,” I said with a duh tone, he shrugged.

“I own the place, plus I already told my secretary three hours ago that I won’t be there,” he said nonchalantly. So he woke up earlier before me.

“Your mom told me that you’ve never bedded a woman once, but now I don’t believe her,” I said jealously, he chuckled and sat up.

“And if I say I haven’t until now?” he asked with an evasive smile.

“Well I won’t believe you, you’re really good at it,” I admitted sheepishly.

“In other words, you really enjoyed the sex,” he laughed, I knocked his head but that only made him laugh more.

“Stop it,” I whined.

“Okay okay, what my mom said was kind of true.”

“Kind of? Be specific,” I snapped.

“False, Leon knows that, I’m just really careful with the ladies I go out with.”

“I was hoping it was true,” I said disappointedly, he smiled and kissed my nose.

“Sorry love, anyways, I’m hungry.”

“I’ll go make you lunch?”

“I wasn’t talking about that food,” he said with a mischievous smirk, I giggled and rolled back into the bed to give him space.
We made love on the bed, then in the shower, then the kitchen, on the couch and later in the evening, his room again. He laid behind me, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist his lips on my neck.

“Ted?” He hummed. “I just realised that you didn’t use any protection all this while.”

“I don’t need it.”

“I do, I’m not ready to be a mom yet, I mean we just started this thing and suddenly I’m a mom. I don’t want to repeat what Molina did,” I said seriously, he kept mute, probably thinking, I let him be. I’ll just go buy some pills tomorrow, hopefully it will work.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE! TEDDISON!” Leon’s voice had us flying away from each other. When did he come back?

“What is the meaning of this Ted? I trusted you with my little sister and you do this!”

“Napoléon, it’s not what you think, I lo…”


“Leon please calm down and listen,” I pleaded searching desperately for my clothes. Where the hell did this boy fling them to?

“Listen to what? How my best friend fucked the life out of my sister?”

“Leon stop overreacting,” Ted snapped.

“OH I’M OVERREACTING? I’LL SHOW YOU OVERREACTING!” he yelled like a maniac, I caught sight of my top beside Ted who was at the edge of the bed and tried to get it. I didn’t see when Leon angrily grabbed that heavy flower vase and threw it at Ted, but he missed and it crashed on my head.

I felt like death was calling me as everything faded away.

“Napoleon, what have you done?” Were the last words I heard before I went into an endless world of darkness…

To be continued…

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