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Lover’s Lust (Part 10)

Continued from the last part…

Oriana’s POV

Averill was really behaving rude to me. She had changed all of a sudden towards me, she even barely talked to me. I didn’t even know what I might have done to her.

She even shouts at any little thing I do, snubs me most of the time and never hangs around like she used to.

I had complained to Dash, and he tried to talk to her, but she refused telling him anything. I just don’t know…what’s really wrong with her? I am very worried right now.

And prom night was fast approaching. I was wondering if I could ask Mac out, to go to the prom with me. It would really be a dream come true. I would just need to find the courage to tell him. I really would love to spend, even though it was just one day with Mac. It would really be a romantic and splendid time in my life.

Oh, how I wish my dream would really come true, just like Cinderella’s.

Eliana’s POV

Prom was already fast approaching and Dash and I have been having a kind of misunderstanding lately. The issue was about the way Averill was treating my twin sister; I had really felt bad with the way Averill was treating Oriana.

Oriana had complained bitterly to me and I had felt bad, so I decided to confront Averill about it. Since I was really angry, I said some bad words which I shouldn’t have said. Dash had been so mad at me for the way I had treated Averill.

He was really angry as to the way I had decided to take matters into my own hands. I knew what I did was totally wrong and I was really sorry about it, but Dash not talking to me makes me feel really incomplete.

I missed him so much. I could not concentrate properly in class because of him. I really would want Dash and I to settle our differences.

Averill’s POV

Oriana had really made me feel really bad; why did she have to do such with a guy I really loved so much? After everything we had gone through, she decided to pay me back in this way. If I had known that she loves Cole, I would have kindly stepped down for her. But no, she just hid everything away from me and let my feelings for Cole grow so big.

I just couldn’t believe that Oriana would do such to me, and to top it all, Eliana confronted me, and insulted me, calling me all sorts of bad and horrible names instead of investigating the matter.

Well apart from the twins’ matter, I was so damn worried about the upcoming prom night. I really needed to ask Cole out for prom night, maybe he could be my date. And I definitely know that Cole wasn’t going to get cards from only me. Some of the other girls too would be dying to go to prom night with him. Not to mention that he might be going with his girlfriend Slyvie.

Man, I don’t know what I could possibly wear to prom night. I could not even think of asking Oriana for a dress because of what’s going on. I did not want to bother mom about it after all she has done a lot for me. I did not want to stress her that much

Sylvie’s POV

Mac and I would be going together to prom night. I had figured out a way to tell Cole I would not be attending. I would just act sick, and tell him to go with someone else. Then I would go with Mac. My dress was already ready and so was my facemask. All that needed to be ready was the fake illness I would be putting on for Cole. I was already tired of the relationship, but I did not feel like quiting because of the stuffs I was always getting from him. Since Cole was rich and famous, I was treated with respect by everyone in school.

Though he was awesome and all that, he couldn’t he compared to Mac, my one and only true love, who was perfectly made. He was different and special, and though he could hardly afford stuffs for me, I still loved him more than Cole.

Dash’s POV

My mind was still confused about what took place at Cole’s dad’s wedding. I couldn’t let the matter slip die down. I felt somehow that Sylvie was lying to Cole and had lied to me.

If it had really been Cole inside the room with her, then how come he appeared on the front door, and in just in a minute, he started coming down the stairs in another cloth?

Slyvie was really lying to me, but who possibly could be the guy she was with? I needed to get to the root of all this, as it wasn’t fair. How could be doing such to Cole behind his back?

I stepped out of class and headed for her locker to probably check for little evidence there. The hall was quiet and lonely—just as I had expected. No one was out due to the fact that it was still lecture period. I walked to Sylvie’s locker, and I used the normal school’s method of opening lockers, and surprisingly it still worked. I immediately started going through her things.

I found some pictures of she and Cole, love letters, gifts, and finally her diary. I took it, slid it into my backpack and was on my way, when I was caught by the school’s winning loser. He looked at me with suspicious and cunning eyes. I knew there was something about the hoodie sweater he was putting on.

I tried to recall where I had seen that sweater before, until it struck me. The stranger I’d seen at Cole’s dad’s wedding had worn the same hoodie.

Could it be…?

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