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In Her Mocassin (Part 1)

“Nicola, Nicola!” I heard my sister’s voice calling me.

I stopped walking and turned around to wait for her as she was running towards me with her long black hair, which was just like mine, swinging in the air.

“Hey, Nicola, guess what?” Nicole, my twin sister said, panting as she reached where I was.

“What is it again?” I asked. “You know I’m not good at guessing,” I said with a playful frown on my face.

“Just try.” She cajoled.

I bit my lips and pretended to be thinking, then I shook my head and said, “No idea, just spill the beans already.”

“Okay, I was passing by the principal’s office, when I heard him…”

“Oh no. You’ve started your eavesdropping again,” I interrupted, this time with a serious frown.

Nicole scoffed. “I wasn’t eavesdropping, I was just passing by and I heard it. What was I to do? Block my ears?” Nicole said with a slight trace of anger in her voice.

“Whatever. Just go on.”

Nicole hesitated for a moment. I guess she was trying to decide whether to tell me or not. But being the kind of person who loves talking, she decided to tell me.

“I heard the principal tell his secretary that the SYTADS form would soon be out.”

“Wow! That’s good, I can’t wait,” I said with glee.

The SYTADS is the acronym for ‘Show Your Talents At Dancing and Singing’. It’s an annual competition organised for students to showcase their talents at dancing and singing.

Since I was good at dancing while Nicole was good at singing, we’ve won the competition thrice in a row, and I have no doubt that we will win it again this year. Call that pride or whatever you want.

“We’ll make sure we are among the first to buy ours once it comes out,” Nicole said.

“Sure we will,” I replied.

At that moment, the lunch bell rang, and as if my stomach heard the sound, it growled. Ugh, I’m so hungry.

“Hey Nicola, let’s go and eat,” Nicole said as she grabbed my hand and started heading towards the cafeteria.

I stopped her as I remembered that I’d left my purse in my locker. “Uhm, Nicole, go on without me. I’ll meet you there.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Just want to grab something from my locker.”

“Alright,” she replied and headed towards the cafeteria while I headed back towards my locker.

I reached there, grabbed my purse and started towards the cafeteria, when I heard someone call my sister’s name.


To be continued…

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