Dead Doctor (Episode Seven)

Continued from the last part…

“He’s hired a private investigator mom! We have to be extra careful now, else we would be caught before we begin our plans,”

The middle aged woman put her wrinkled hands on her face to hide her worry. Syringe piercing was bandaged on her arms. She wore the hospital’s gown, standing by the window side.

“But you’re a doctor here! No one can ever find out what I’ve done because you can always cover up my tracks,” she added cautiously, touching his small face.

“I can’t always clean up all your mess mom!” He shot back, shaken with anger. “I can’t always be here to do that. You’ve created more jumble in your lifetime than I could ever clean up. I told you I had this, but you went ahead to do your own thing anyway, why mom?”

“Listen son, this is not the time to argue amongst ourselves. Now is the time to act. With that girl and her mother onto us like a dog to a scent and also that Mr. Dele, we have to do something. What if the PI found out something? Or what if that girl and her stupid, nosy mother does?” she put her hands to her cheeks to express her grief “We would be in soup, son.”

He rolled his eyes in frustration. He shouldn’t have brought his mother into his plans. She was as evil as they came. She could even murder him like she had murdered his father.

He always knew his mother was in desperate need of psychiatric help, but he kept lying to himself and protecting her. She was not always like this.

As a child, she had been the sweetest thing he had. She never could hurt a fly but she had changed.

His dad happened! With all the abuses he and his mother had to go through in the hands of his vile father, who wouldn’t change? But his mother had gone beyond being careful. She needed to be stopped.

He needed to take over this hospital someway or somehow. It was afterall his birthright, even though his useless father could never acknowledge that. He had always kept him and his mom a secret from the world like they were some kind of sore he was ashamed of revealing.

Mom had always told him even as a child that it was because she was uneducated and had fallen pregnant on one of their love escapades. He had no option when her family insisted they got married and he had to. He had blamed his mother for his misfortunes and had said if she was not his wife, he ought to have achieved a lot.

He was unlucky to have been born into such a hateful world. He was completely loathed by his father. He went to school on public transport and acted like he was nothing, when his father was the most influential doctor in the neighbourhood.

His dream of becoming someone important like his father someday kept him alive and strong. He never felt like anything until syringes and needles gave him the power. He felt strong, but he needed to feel stronger and to do that he needs to be the owner of this hospital.

His father was angry when he was employed in the hospital as a resident doctor and even angrier when he was given a permanent employment.

His mother had fallen ill few days after, from his beating. She was diagnosed with a high blood pressure. But father never cared, never came to visit her.

She killed his father in the hospital’s parking lot, in cold blood and felt no remorse. She had even said she would do it again if given another opportunity. He had gotten rid of the body, had buried him deep in the ground in a forest miles away. This singular act was going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

He may have not stabbed the knife but he finished the job. His father was still alive when he buried him. The old man had pleaded for his life, saying that he was going to openly accept him as his son if he saved his life. But how could he? His loving mother’s life depended on him. He chose his mother over his deceitful father. The man was going to finally expose their identity even though he had given them none.

Two murders in just a week! His mother was a stupidly great woman on a killing spree. He looked down at her, she was already seated, looking at him in that pity-me-son kind of way.

This was the way she always got him to do her bidding. One shot of those eyes and he was out of his senses.

Not today, mom! Not today, he thought, patting her on her shoulders.

“Be good mom and don’t leave your ward. I’ll be back soon,” he said with such finality that shocked his mother, turning to leave the ward.


“You can do it, Jason,” Emma prodded.

“I can’t! It hurts! We’ve tried it several times and what do I get? Pains all over my body like it is happening again. I don’t want to die twice, Emma. It is painful,” tears dripped from his face.

“You want to bring to book your killers? Then this is the only way I can think of Jason! Look I know it hurts, but you can’t die twice… I… mean… They can’t kill you twice…” she sighed.

“I’m sorry, that didn’t come out right. I didn’t mean to say it that way.” She reached for his shoulder, but felt only the wave of air. “This is going to be difficult, Jay.”

“You have to revisit that night. This way we would know what we are searching for in this big hospital”

Jason sighed, closed his eyes and sank into faded memories.


“This is Mr. Sylvester. He’s the PI I hired to look into Jason’s murder. But something else came up, Dr. David. The hospital owner has been missing for two days now. Police have come up with nothing. His car is parked outside his home ,but the gateman said he had seen Mr. Isife drive into the hospital and drive out a few hours later.”

“Well that’s a complicated case for the police because that man lived a hush-hush kind of life. No one has heard him talk about a family member or any one close to him” David’s heart palpitated and almost dashed out of his chest. His father has been declared missing!

What now? He should cover his tracks so they don’t come bouncing back at him.

“Well, yes that’s true. I’ve always wondered how he managed to own such a hospital with such lifestyle. He is too reserved. I hope we find him before they do because he’s an important part of this hospital. Mr. Sylvester, you would have to put Mr. Jason’s case aside and take on this investigation.”

Sylvester nodded in agreement, tidying his file and picking his nose.

David thought of how disgusting that was. The man must have health problems with a habit like that. What would it be like to inject such a man who thought the world was at his feet because he finds things out. He would love to dissect this man, limb after limb on an operating table.

“I’ll get to it immediately,” Sylvester stood on his buttoning his suit which was apparently already done. “I’ll let you know as soon as I find anything new. Now if you’ll excuse me gentlemen, I have work to do.”

As soon as his back was at the door, David chirped in. “Do you think he’ll ever be found? What if he was kidnapped for ransom?”

“It’s been two days, David! If they wanted money, they would have contacted someone since. But not one has heard anything from anyone.”

“Well, that makes sense! I’ll get to work, sir.”

“Yes, be off now. I’m sure there are patients waiting for your attendance.

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