What Breaks a Man (Part 4)

Continued from the last part…

Days were getting smaller, time was getting shorter. I couldn’t be more sad than I already was. Fate took a different turn on me.

If you needed to lose some weight, try falling in love. As my relationship with Hannah kept weakening, my friendship with Gloria kept strengthening. How do I explain this feeling? I couldn’t bring to myself to believe that either Gloria is getting closer to me out of pity, or I was getting closer because of my greed.

Anger doesn’t build, it destroys. Gloria became my favorite friend, a day wouldn’t pass by without her call. I couldn’t give up on Hannah so easily. What do I do?

I picked my phone, dialed her number. I couldn’t visit Hannah anymore. Her mother didn’t show a great sign of acceptance to me. Despite the years I have been together with Hannah, could her mother really not ask of me or ask about what was going on? In a relationship, the parents had a lot to do in terms of how we survive the hurdles, breakups and heartbreaks.

I felt so bad, the most important thing in a relationship was when you get to know your partner’s families. They tended to be your rock when you were drowning.

Giving up was never part of me. On a sunny day, I ignited my motorcycle and drove to Gloria’s house. I met her siblings and mother at the compound. I had to greet them in our local dialect.

“Ekaakasan o mummy!” She responded weakly. Though, I never took that as an offense. “Rachel, what of your sister, is she around?” I inquired from her sister.

“Oh she went out with someone now, just around the house,” she replied. Despite my greeting her mum, she never made mention of my absence from her place a topic. I decided to look for her.

As I was walking, my heart sank into a wave of bottomless thought. Have I wronged her mother? Does she have a grudge against me? I could not bring myself to a conclusion of what exactly went wrong. Some meters from their house, I looked up out of unconscious thought into a tensed moment.

Jesus!” I screamed.

To be continued…

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