The Hidden Truth (Part 1)

Mr. Johnsons’s POV

“Nurse, where is my wife? How is she? What about my baby?” I shouted to the midwife coming out of the operating room

“No sir, just exercise more patience, she will be okay.”

“For how long? Huh? It’s been five hours, five good hours, and you are telling me to exercise more patience,” I shouted angrily.

“Please sir, calm down, we are trying our best,” the nurse answered and left immediately. I went back to the hospital’s bench and sat down furiously. I prayed silently for my wife and child to be in safe hands. It’s my eight child, others died and I pray this one comes out successfully.

“Sir, can we talk in my office?” the doctor said, bringing me out of my reverie. I looked at him, he wasn’t smiling, I couldn’t figure out his expression.

“Can we?” he said leading the way as I confusedly followed up. I hope it’s not what I’m thinking.

“Sit,” he said, gesturing to a seat opposite him. I sat down quietly ready to hear the bombshell.

“We lost the baby,” he voiced out.

I ran mad immediately. “What? What did I hear you say? You lost my only child!” I stood up and grabbed his uniform, “How could you be so careless doctor? How could you?”

“I am sorry. We tried our best, but she couldn’t make it,” he said. I sank down to my chair. “My baby,” I cried bitterly, “No!”

“Take heart sir,” he tried to console me. I brought out my handkerchief and wiped my nose.

“How is my wife?” I said after I found my voice.

“She’s perfectly alright, she needs rest. I will help you,” he added.

“Help me? How?” I asked confused.

“A woman gave birth to complete set of twins.”

“So?” I asked.

“Let’s switch the babies.”

“What! You want to exchange my dead baby with her own? That’s a heartless thing to do.
I mean I’m a business man, I love my wife and I have heart too. God!”

“I’m trying to save your family, your wife cannot give birth anymore, her heart is weak and any bad news given to her might be danger to her life. I know you wouldn’t want that, would you?”

I sat down quietly thinking, I love my wife, I can’t…

I can’t endanger her life, she’s my life. I depend on her, she’s all I have got. I looked at the doctor, he was busy checking out the documents, but I think his attention was on me. He’s so heartless. I know he must have been doing this type of work. No he’s a professional, I scoffed under my breath. How could he be so comfortable exchanging people’s babies? God will punish him.

God will punish you too, a voice in me echoed. You are also doing this job with him, the voice came again.

I’m saving my wife. Gosh, God please forgive me. I have no other choice.

I continued checking out the doctor, he was waiting for me to ask him how much; or say that I have agreed; or simply say, “let’s do it.”

“Stupid man,” I muttered frustrated.

“How much?” I finally asked and he looked up and smiled. His smile alone was evil.

“Twenty million,” he answered, still smiling like a he-goat. He had already thought about the money.

Idiot. Who doesn’t love money? my subconscious shouted. I groaned loudly.

“I will send it into your bank account shortly after I leave the hospital. You would do a clean job?” I asked knowing fully was good at the game.

“Sure,” he answered still, smiling like a mad man. Damn! I don’t like that smile of his. I immediately stood up and maintained a bonny face.

“Till then.” I didn’t wait to hear him reply and left his office. He disgusted me. I went straight to my wife’s ward. I saw her lying peacefully on the bed, her face looked pale.

You must have suffered a lot, now you’ll be nursing another person’s child.

I kissed her forehead and left the ward, went outside, located my car and zoomed out of the hospital building.

Read Part Two.

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