Sweet Sixteen


Thus are childish words of a dreamy moppet!
Itching to experience the phase of adulthood.

“O! How I wish I’m sixteen,
To see the world within and experience the sweetest of things,
To be free and see the world as it is in my sweetest dreams,
To live a life of ease and pure relief.

To cross path with sweet dreams In any area my innocent head finds it dim fit to sleep.

To discard the life of infancy and live the one of fancy,
To avoid the world of scanty and live that of plenty.

To disregard the
immature world of childish taunt and consider the one of matured thought.

To eradicate the painful feeling of insecurity and embrace that of tight security,
To break free from strict rules and do my will.
To be opportune to express my right albeit my childish stance.
To venture into the adventures of love unalloyed and unabashed.

To protect and not be protected,
To watch and not be watched,
To pamper and not be pampered,
To outsmart and not be outsmarted,
To train and not be trained ,
To be a carrier of knowledge and give solace to the weak.”

Sweet moppet,
Life is a gradual process.

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Gloria is a writer who loves reading and enjoys writing a lot. She is also a script writer and wants to make her mother proud.


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